I remember what it was like to build my wedding portfolio. It was so frustrating! I wanted to book weddings, but the only way I was going to book weddings was to have a portfolio, and the only way I was going to have a portfolio was to book weddings. It seemed unending and while […]

Enhancing Your Wedding Portfolio As A Second Shooter


This wasn’t what I intended to share here today, I was all ready to write some informative post about fall shooting and then I realized, that maybe what we need more than another post with “how to’s” is a reminder of our “why.” Why? Because what you do matters, especially in busy season. I recently […]

To All Photographers in Busy Season


Amanda Graves, based in Louisville, KY, wants to help her clients remember the flakes of skin on their baby’s toes, their perfect lips, and how they fit in their hands. But she also gets giddy when the kiddos get big. She gets to help families remember everything about their kids — those crooked smiles, scrunchy […]

The Pros of Lifestyle Newborn Photography in a Studio Setting


Today’s guest post is by Reset attendee Julie Paszczykowski of JP Photography based in Toledo, Ohio. Julie specializes in weddings, engagements, lifestyle families, and birth photography! We’re focusing on the birth stories today and why Julie finds them so important to tell. The very first image I ever took at a birth was that of […]

The Importance of Birth Photography


Trene’ Forbes is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland. She’s been photographing people and events since 2010 and she absolutely LOVES her job!! She has a passion for people, travel, and all things lovely, which allows her to create amazing photographs of people around the world. She says connecting with individuals is […]

How Trene’ Forbes Prepares for a Wedding


Past Reset attendee Sarah Morgan is our guest blogger today, encouraging our readers to give lifestyle photography a try. She has a list of practical tips to share! The perfectly imperfect life. Some days feel like a tornado. Rushing around to get to the school bus in time, making sure lunches are packed, finding something […]

Take the Leap Into Lifestyle Photography


Meredith Ryncarz is taking over the Reset Conference blog today with an awesome post about planning ahead for your content calendar for the new year. She is a former college art professor turned photographer (Meredith Ryncarz Photography) and creative business coach (The Restart Specialist) in Savannah, Georgia. She is an Army wife and a momma […]

Prepping Content for the New Year


Allison Ewing is a wedding & lifestyle photographer and certified yoga teacher in Cleveland, Ohio. After dealing with anxiety for years, she turned to yoga to find some relief. Not only did she find the relief she desperately needed, but she also found a desire to spread mindfulness and self-care to others through yoga. Allison […]

6 Yoga Poses for Photographers


Tara Ruby is a whiz when it comes to fine art portraiture for newborns, and she has been putting her creative mind into overdrive lately! Read on as she inspires us to take a closer look at newborn composites with Halloween (or any holiday!) themes. If you’re a lover of Halloween and everything that goes […]

Creating Halloween-inspired newborn fine art


3 Tips to Get Started. What if you could sell an album to every one of your clients? How would that change your business? We’re so excited to have Shaun Austin-Gordon returning to Reset for his 3rd year in a row! Shaun has done it all. Over 15 years as a wedding photographer, founder and […]

How do you sell an album to every one of your clients?