Anesha Collins is an Orlando-based photographer, filmmaker, and educator, who is a rockstar at video marketing! Today she’s challenging us to take a good, hard look at our Instagram marketing and implement an audit that can help us target our audiences better. One of the biggest complaints I hear from business owners is…I WANT MORE […]


December 19, 2019

DIY Instagram Audit

We know so many people struggle with blogging consistently (or at all!), so we’ve got Anesha Collins back on board again today with a hugely beneficial post about blogging easier in 2019. Read more from Anesha: Some say blogging is dead and no one reads them, but this isn’t true. I know for a fact […]


March 4, 2019

Blogging Easier in 2019 for Wedding Photographers

easier blogging for wedding photographers

Ok, I’ll say it. Anesha Collins is a marketing genius. She’s my video guru. She’s here to show us how we can use video marketing to sell more wedding albums — brilliant!! Anesha here, professional wedding photographer and cinematographer that also specializes in video-marketing and the founder of LEARNWITHAC. You already know how passionate I […]


February 13, 2019

How video marketing can help sell more wedding albums

Video marketing helps sell wedding albums

Is Your Facebook News Feed Looking a Little Lighter? Less Content? Are you seeing less? Perhaps people you saw before don’t show up now? Well, if you are, you’re absolutely right. Mark Zuckerberg made this announcement on January 11, 2018 discussing the current environment of Facebook. Mark said, ”  Recently we’ve gotten feedback from our community that […]


March 9, 2018

Five Ways to Evolve with the Facebook Newsfeed Changes | Anesha Collins

The Facebook newsfeed algorithm change

10 Videos You Can Make For Your Business (With Video Examples) In 2018-2019 video-marketing will take over big time. It’s already making its presence in 2017 and it’s not being shy about it either. How are you using video to market and connect with your target audience? Believe it or not, you have the tools you need to start making videos […]


February 23, 2018

10 Videos You Can Make For Your Business | Anesha Collins

use video in your business marketing

In a follow up to yesterday’s post, we’re sharing part 2 of Anesha Collins’s post about why you should be using video marketing in your business.  Today Anesha writes about what you need to get started.  She has a lot of great tips for equipment needed to produce quality video.  Read on! GETTING STARTED:  EQUIPMENT & SIMPLE […]


November 17, 2017

What You Need to Produce Quality Video Content | Anesha Collins

Orlando photographer and marketer

We’re bringing you a 2-part post from 2018 Reset Conference speaker Anesha Collins, is an Internationally Published Wedding and Events Photographer & Cinematographer who strongly believes in being yourself. Originally from New York, she now resides in Orlando, Florida.  Watch for Part 2 of this series tomorrow!! Why You Need To Incorporate Video-Marketing Into Your Business Now Video visual presence within your business […]


November 16, 2017

Why You Need to Incorporate Video Marketing Into Your Business | Anesha Collins