Capture life. Live it first.


We've been given the gift of being creative. We proudly run our own businesses. But along the way, we sometimes find that the business is now running us. We need to push Reset. And we need to remember to capture life...but live it first.

We aren't meant to be stuck behind our cameras and computers all day.

You were created for more.


Rebekah Albaugh & Kellie Penn, founders.

Late nights. Overloaded schedule. Clients waiting on overdue galleries. Eating endless amounts of fast food and takeout pizza.  And we felt like our families knew the back of our heads more than our faces from endless hours sitting at our computers. We knew something had to change. As we made shifts in our businesses, put systems in place, and started finding breathing room in our calendars again, we realized we weren't alone in this journey. We knew many of our fellow photographer friends were going through the same struggles. And we wanted to help find a solution. That's when The Reset Conference began.

WE get you, friend! WE were just like you!

It's time to grow together and put what you learned at the conference into practice!  Check out the styled shoots and group mentorships available to add-on to your conference experience! 

Are you ready to grow and break bad habits? If the answer is a big YES, this is the conference for you. Take a look at the speakers and the incredible education being offered at Reset this year!

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Styled Shoots

Incredible Education

Uplifting Community

Join us in Lexington, Kentucky
March 7-9, 2022!

In the midst of my darkest year, this conference and community brought back the light. It truly has been the RESET I prayed for 🤍
- Ryann Lindsey

" Brought back the light"

RESET was just what my soul needed to recharge and reconnect within an amazing community! You will leave feeling like the best version of yourself ❤

"what my soul needed"

Truly a fabulous and welcoming conference!! Left feeling recharged and inspired for the goals set while there!

"recharged and inspired"

 Rebekah and Kellie go over an above to ensure that this conference is welcoming and you feel like family as soon as you attend. I've made so many friends at Reset over the last few years and the education from the speakers has truly changed my business for the better.  


"There is no other conference like Reset."

It’s not only a conference filled with great insights for my business but it’s given me so much more. It has brought some of the most incredible women into my life. It’s given me a sense of purpose and has inspired me to stretch myself. If you haven’t attended, you are definitely missing out.

" has become a permanent part of my business and my life

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