Shooting in a client’s home, in a space where they live, work, and play; a place where coffee and pancakes are made, where love is shared, and where so many memories are created, is really a one-of-a-kind experience, but even more so after the birth of a child. I love that this is the trend […]


January 6, 2020

In-Home Newborn Photography: One Location, 10 Different Poses, 10 Minutes

So you love photographing newborns, but you’re wanting to try photographing them in a new way? What better way to photograph the gift of life than outside in a beautiful natural environment. Here are a few tips to make sure your outdoor newborn session is successful! You don’t need a fancy garden to photograph newborns! 90 […]


December 10, 2019

Successfully Photographing Newborns Outdoors

Elena Blair comes to us from Seattle, WA as well and will be teaching on building meaningful relationships with your clients to create a solid business foundation and increase profit.  Read below as Elena answers our Reset Q&A!   -Guilty Pleasure? Without a doubt my guilty pleasure is drinking wine while binging on Netflix shows […]


January 23, 2017

Reset Featured Speaker | Elena Blair

creating meaningful business relationships

Sandra Coan comes to us from Seattle, WA and is a newborn, family and maternity photographer, specializing in film photography.  She’s also the co-founder of Little Bellows, an online community for film photographers.  Read below to hear her “why?” behind the film medium. Clients often comment on the fact that my work does not look […]


January 20, 2017

Reset Featured Speaker | Sandra Coan