Attendee Spotlight | Amanda Persinger | Louisville, Kentucky


Headshot at Champaign iHotelAmanda Persinger joined us for Reset 2017 from Louisville, Kentucky. We’re reaching out to attendees from all over the country to show the true scope and reach of the conference. We hope to see attendees from more states and more corners of the United States in the coming years! We asked Amanda a few questions about her travel to Reset and her experience this year. Read on!

How far did you travel to attend Reset?
1) I drove from Louisville, KY which is about a two-hour drive (from Indianapolis).

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2) What were your expectations going into the conference?
2) My expectations going into Reset were that I would meet some awesome people, and learn new ways to improve my business (which I did both!)

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3) What new goals did you set for yourself following Reset?
3) I have a love/hate relationship with blogging. I set a goal for myself to blog something every Monday! This question actually reminds me I need to get back on track with that.

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4) What would you tell a friend to get them to attend the conference in the future?
4) I have attended Reset for the last three years, and have met so many amazing people. There’s something truly magical about connecting with like minded people!

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5) Who was your favorite speaker?
5) My favorite speaker was Sarah Hill. I have idolized Sarah for many years, and seem to fall in love with every picture she posts. It really spoke to me when Sarah talked about not being a perfectionist, and posting pictures that aren’t perfect but speak to her. A lot of times I find myself getting stressed out over perfection and sharpness. Sarah reminded me that its not always going to be perfect, but if it speaks to you then keep it!

6) What was your biggest takeaway?
6) My biggest takeaway from Reset was Emily Dobson’s class about her Senior Representatives. Before Reset I had been toying around with the idea of finding a couple Senior Models. Emily spoke about the experience she gives her girls, and all of the fun creative shoots they do together. I loved hearing about how she put her program together, and it really inspired me to create one of my own!!

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Thanks, Amanda! You can find Amanda’s work on her blog, Instagram & Facebook.