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T-Stagg PhotographyKathy Thomas-Stagg comes to us from Champaign, Illinois where she photographs families, maternity, lifestyle newborns, and weddings.  Kathy has an infectious personality, and you’ll love her upon first introduction!  She is a huge fan of Sarah Hill’s work and was waiting impatiently by her computer when the shootout reservations went live earlier this year!  Kathy wrote a blog post about the shootout along with some of her gorgeous images from it, that you can read below.  We’ve also included a few of her other favorite images as well!  Read on!




T-Stagg photography shootout with Sarah Hill

photography by Kathy Thomas-Stagg

Education for a photographer is never-ending, and I am so grateful for that.  We are constantly pushed as people,  artists and business owners to improve, to recreate ourselves and grow, and this past weekend we got to reset at the annual RESET Conference–a conference for photographers and videographers to meet, love on each other’s work, meet new friends and colleagues and grow both artistically and professionally.

engagement photography by Kathy Thomas-Stagg

I was lucky enough at this conference to be able to participate in a “shootout” with one of my very favorite photographers, Sarah Beth Hill.  Her work is always filled with such warmth, light and love and is so inspiring and influential to my own work.  At the shootout, we were given the opportunity to follow Sarah around as she worked with an amazing (and, golly, were they adorable!) family.  We learned a few of her tricks and were able to watch her charm the family while she posed and captured beautiful early evening light (remember that “golden hour light” I always tell you about? 🙂 ).  Well, it was amazing.

Champaign, Illinois photographer T-Stagg

The WHOLE weekend was a great chance to learn, connect with new and old friends, and return home refreshed with ideas on what we could do to improve. Here are my favorites from the shootout–Enjoy!  And expect to see many of the things I learned implemented in my business with you this year!

newborn lifestyle photography session with Kathy

Thanks, Kathy for sharing your blog and your images with us!  We are so happy you enjoyed your shootout and especially Reset!

You can find T-Stagg Photography on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.