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This wasn’t what I intended to share here today, I was all ready to write some informative post about fall shooting and then I realized, that maybe what we need more than another post with “how to’s” is a reminder of our “why.” Why? Because what you do matters, especially in busy season. I recently […]

To All Photographers in Busy Season

Kristin Darling is the owner and operator of kDarling Photography and co-owner of Sweet Darling Weddings.  She has submitted a couple images to us of an adorable session for her neighbors who have been married for a long, long time.  This one gives us all the heart eyes!! This summer my neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Norman, […]

One Photo Challenge | Kristin Darling – kDarling Photography

anniversary session by kDarling Photography

Do you hate shooting in harsh sunlight?  Do you try to schedule all your sessions and weddings so that you’re not dealing with the noonday sun?  Be sure to check out Hernan Sanchez’s class at Reset 2018 titled “Lightseeker – losing your fear of harsh light.”  Today we’re showcasing a blog post of one of […]

Traveling for Love Stories and Light | Hernan Sanchez

Hernan Sanchez Florida photographer

Monique Melton is another of our speakers returning to Reset in 2018.  We are so excited to have her back!  Monique joins us from the east coast and specializes in personal growth and development, relationship building and embracing diversity & building community.  We love this post from her on 3 Things Your Marriage Needs Every Day. Read […]

3 Things Your Marriage Needs Every Day | Speaker Monique Melton

Relationship builder Monique Melton