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The best Resets happen at the beach.

Join us March 3-5 in Panama City Beach, Florida for the annual Reset Conference for photographers!

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Houston Woodlands family child photographerShalonda Chaddock will be joining us in March for her first Reset Conference! She is the face and camera behind Chubby Cheek Photography based in Houston, Texas. She is a nationally published child photographer, and is drowning in glitter and princess dresses with her two daughters, affectionately referred to as the Cheeks girls, and the love of her life, Daddy Cheeks. Her shooting style focuses on the magic of childhood and the in-between family moments that often go overlooked.  She allows REAL life to inspire her and shape her journey as a photographer, always recognizing that the little moments do mean the most, even when it means stepping on a Barbie shoe before she has had her coffee. Shalonda’s breakout session will be on “Being You without Bending to the Trends.”

Let your life be about creating your own vision not comparing your journey.
If you have ever heard me speak you would know that my goal is always to remind you that every single one of us has our very own unique magic that no one can take away or replicate…who you are deep inside, that special sparkle, THAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER! But comparison, doubt, & fear, they are our kryptonite as artists. I know, I feel ya!

Underwater camera housing photographyI often question myself and fear paralyzes me from creating. I often compare myself and comparison clouds my vision and makes me doubt my dreams! And then what?! Where does that leave me?

Standing still, in the middle of life, plain ol’ stuck! I don’t have the answer for you or for myself, heck I don’t have directions on how to get away from those three things because I am here to tell you that no matter who you are or where you are on your journey those three things are there with you but I can tell you this, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO OVERCOME THEM by making your voice louder!

YOU have the power to stop being stuck and start moving your feet, YOUR DREAMS ARE WORTH CHASING AND YOUR VOICE DESERVES TO BE HEARD! So rest easy tonight friends and wake up tomorrow with a new dream to chase and a new path to create!

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Sometimes you just need to escape to the beach.

White sand. Emerald waters. Lounging by the pool with poolside service. Palm trees and ocean waves. Oh...and incredible education, too!

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Let's take that trip to the beach.

Register today for a few unforgettable days spent at the beach in Florida! We can't wait to see you in PCB!

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