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Today we are thrilled to feature the adorable Christine of Christine Foehrkolb Photography.  Christine has an amazing ability to capture life as it happens around her beautifully.  She can turn a mess into a work of art.  She can capture real, authentic moments in ways that just leave me breathless.  I am constantly oohing and ahhing over images she takes of her own children and am challenged each and every time that I need to be doing the same thing with my kids that are growing up way too quickly.  Her children have been given an amazing gift in having a mother that truly sees the beauty in the little things they do.



When did you launch your photography business?  

I officially launched my photography business in March of 2008 (I think, ha)


 Are you Nikon or Canon? Mac or PC?

Mac Canon (will make ya jump jump)


 Favorite Lens & what’s in your bag?

I honestly have so many favorites…really I do!  I only use prime lenses and they are all equally awesome but… I would have to say the 135L is probably at the top of the list!


 Who inspires you? (personally or professionally?)

I know it sounds so cliché but motherhood and my three girlies are what/who inspire me the most….and that goes both personally and professionally.   They are the driving force to every decision in my life.


Did you ever think photography would be your career?

Absolutely not!  I started playing around with my first dslr while I was attending grad school and it kind of snowballed from there.  I worked in the technology field for almost nine years before quitting to become a full time photographer


Favorite quote?

Oh, I love quotes!  Can I have two?  Okay…I’ll just put one

“Don’t let peoples compliments get to your head and don’t let their criticism get to your heart”


Favorite junk food?  

French fries…really any form of a potato


Any areas in your life that could use a “Reset?”

Oh my gosh of course!  I have a few goals both personally and professionally that I really want to freshen up this year!  They range from being a better mom/wife , working out/exercising to continuing to contribute to two personal photography projects I’m currently working on.


Favorite photograph you’ve taken?

Even though I have favorites in just about every single category my most favorite would definitely be an image of my kiddos.


What moves you?

Kindness, love, selflessness


Have there been moments where you are photographing and you realize that this is bigger than yourself?

Absolutely.  The very first time was when I was photographing the birth of my best friends third baby.   It was so emotionally overwhelming and exciting and raw.  It seriously makes me speechless when I think about it.


What words of advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Be yourself, don’t let people take advantage of you and most importantly…know how to use the light!


What’s your typical day usually look like?

Well this year my days look a bit different and they are anything but normal or routine.  I normally wake up, get two girlies off to school,  edit, nurse, email, edit, nurse, email, nurse, nurse (ha, you get the point!), get the girls from school, home, homework, dinner, extracurricular with the kiddos.  If I’m lucky I get to go to bed at some point!


Favorite hot drink?

Coffee, coffee, coffee…in any form!


 Best secret for working smarter not harder?

Be organized, have a plan and stay true to yourself


 Favorite Photo Find

One word:  Ketti  (she makes the best camera bags around)


See…her images just make you fall in love with why we do photography all over again!  If you haven’t signed up yet for The Reset Conference, use coupon code CHRISTNE50 & save $50 on your registration!!

Christine..we are truly thrilled you are a part of Reset & we both adore your heart and love for this craft.  Thank you for sharing your life and images with us…they inspire us on a daily basis.  ~Kellie & Bex

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