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3 Tips to Get Started.

What if you could sell an album to every one of your clients? How would that change your business?

We’re so excited to have Shaun Austin-Gordon returning to Reset for his 3rd year in a row! Shaun has done it all. Over 15 years as a wedding photographer, founder and CEO of heirloom album company Kiss Books, & coach to entrepreneurs. A Southern California native living in Indiana with his beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children. When it comes to running a successful photography business, Shaun knows what he’s talking about.

Join his breakout session at this year’s Reset Conference to learn how to sell an album to every one of your clients. Get a snippet of what he will discuss below!

How to Sell Photo Albums

I get it. Album sales can be overwhelming — and even scary. How are others doing it? Selling heirloom albums, adding to their margins, and maintaining relationships with their clients- or, making them even stronger?

To some, album sales are too– well, sales-y. It feels out of your price range (or your clientele’s price range), sales are too pushy and not your nature, or simply something you don’t know how to begin doing. The good news? Album sales don’t have to be any of these things. It’s about serving your clients better than ever!

Let’s go over 3 tips to get started with album sales!

1.Build albums into your packages.

If you want every one of your clients to have an album, make them an integral part of your business by building them directly into your packages.

Begin by building a 10×10, 10 spread Linen album into each one of your packages. Your clients can upgrade to more spreads, a different cover type, or anything else- but don’t worry about that now. Take the guesswork out of it and give them a simple and clear album to visualize as their own. Studio sample albums really help here, as they can get their hands on an album that will be just like the one they will get.

2. Set prices that work for you & your client.

How do I know how much to charge? Will my clients be able to afford it? What if they have sticker shock?


I suggest a 50% markup on all albums. This is to cover your time designing, editing, sharing, re-editing, ordering, delivering…etc. It’s important that you take your costs into consideration here.

If you think your clients will faint at the sight of your prices, don’t be alarmed. First, they won’t. Second, this is why we have albums built into our packages. When your clients hire you, they are expecting a photographer who tells the complete story of their day, from beginning to end. Albums are simply another part of your business as a photographer. They wouldn’t ask you to skip the ceremony and only photograph the reception, would they?

More on this in the next section!

3. Sell without feeling pushy.

Remember how I said that, when you build albums into your packages your clients are expecting a photographer that tells the complete story of their day from beginning to end?

This means you see them to the finish line. This means you want them to have a beautiful experience with their photos years after you’re done working with them. This means heirloom albums and not just digital photo files.

Albums are filled with memories and have the power to create more. They are truly a different and better experience than digital files. How often do you dust off your hard drives and look at old photos? Chances are about as much as your clients will — never.

When we deliver albums to our clients, we are serving them better. Express to your clients that you want them to relive their day years down the road, share it with their family and friends, and pass it down to their children. Albums are many couples’ first heirloom. One they will have, and look back on, for the rest of their lives.

Album sales isn’t about selling, it’s about serving.

I’ll be going in-depth on all of this and a lot more during my breakout class at Reset. I would love for you to come by, ask questions, and say hello! Buy your ticket here.

Check out Kiss Books for heirloom albums, styling mats, & more. Say ‘Hi!’ to Shaun and the wonderful Kiss team at this year’s Reset Conference.

All album photos are by Shauna & Jordon.
You can find them on Instagram &

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