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Infuse Your Personality Into Your Business and Book More Clients

Photography is a personal experience.  We are with our clients during some big moments in their lives.  Your clients want to get to know you and your personality and your personality is what makes you unique and sets you apart from every other photographer.  When you add your personality to your brand, it instantly attracts clients who want to work with you!  

It’s really important to infuse your personality into your brand.  This is because there is only one of you and YOU are what will set you and your business apart from everyone else.  Maybe there are several photographers who serve the same clients as you, have a similar photography style to you, and have a similar pricing structure to you.  When you don’t infuse your personality into your brand, the only thing clients have to go on is your images and your pricing and that can lead them to just book the cheapest photographer that provides quality images.  When you infuse your personality into your branding, your clients get to know you right away and connect with you.  They start to feel like they already know you and start to mesh with your personality.  This will make them want to book you over all of the other photographers.  

Wondering how to infuse your personality into your brand and how to talk about yourself in a way that attracts clients to you?  Keep reading! This blog will show you three ways you can fill your brand with your personality which will make clients want to reach out and book you!

Branding Images

Branding images are a great way for clients and future clients to get a glimpse into your personality.  While images with our cameras, computers, coffee, etc are great; images that showcase a bit more of your personality can really help people get a better sense for who you are.  Include in items you love, things you love to do, and things that make you, YOU!   

As an example, I have a love of ketchup and every single time I take new branding photos, I include this in.  I’ll wear a ketchup shirt, have a ketchup pillow, have a plate of ketchup, etc.  While you may not love ketchup like me, I’m sure you have a favorite condiment or food that you love or know someone who is obsessed with a certain food and that helps you connect with me more!

Your Clothing 

As much as we all hate it, people make a judgement about us within the first 5 seconds of seeing us.  Our clothing is a big part of that snap decision.  The clothing you wear is a way of expressing yourself and your personality so you will want to keep this in mind when meeting and working with clients.  If you want to show your personality in a certain way or attract certain clients, then dressing the part can really help.

Wearing something a bit more casual can make you seem laid back.  Wearing a hat and boho dress can make you seem more free spirited.  Wearing a blazer and slacks can make you seem professional.  Wearing designer shoes/belt can help you higher-end clients relate to you.  I’m not saying you should go out and buy a whole new wardrobe that’s not truly you but you should keep your clothing in mind to make sure it matches your personality and your branding.  

What You Share

The easiest way to infuse your personality into your brand is by sharing personal aspects of your life on social media.  This is a great way to infuse your personality into your brand!  Do not feel like you need to share every single aspect of your life, choose parts of your life that you are willing to share and feature those parts.  This will help clients start connecting with you on a personal level.  

Maybe you have a regimented workout plan and want to share some workout selfies or goals, maybe you collect magnets from vacations and want to show your followers where you find and display your magnets, maybe you have a love of shoes and want to show off your shoe of the day, or maybe you love your pets and want to share what your pets are up to each day; all of these things can help your clients and future clients get a glimpse into your life and connect with you more. 

While it may seem a bit odd to share bits and pieces of your personality within your business branding, it’s an easy way to help attract your ideal clients directly to you.  Start infusing bits and pieces of your personality into your branding and I’m sure you will see a difference in the types of clients you attract and how easy it is to turn inquiries into bookings!

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