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The best Resets happen at the beach.

Join us March 3-5 in Panama City Beach, Florida for the annual Reset Conference for photographers!

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hurry! Limited spots available

AHHH!!!  Can you believe it’s less than two months until The Reset Conference?  We still have a few remaining seats, so be sure & register ASAP at!

When we started planning for this year’s conference, I (Kellie) knew I wanted to ask Katelyn James if she’d be interested in being a speaker at Reset.  I have heard Katelyn speak at the Pursuit 31 Conference a couple of years ago & was blown away by her.  Not only is she crazy talented, I sat during her presentation in just complete awe.  This girl gets it.  Really gets it.  When I was at WPPI last March, I waited in the world’s longest line to get into Katelyn’s class. WPPI way underestimated the amount of people that would turn out for her class & my friend & I ended up getting the last 2 seats in the room.  (Which was the front row in the center.  I walked in eating chips/guacamole…and I think the whole room was laughing that I came in with snacks.  Hey, this girl likes to eat!)  Once Katelyn started speaking, I just started nodding my head and turned to my friend and said “I have to get this girl for next year’s Reset Conference.”  The Baptist Pastor’s kid in me wanted to shout “Amen!” or just jump up and give her high fives during her presentation. (But…that would’ve been awkward.  I was already the weird one that brought in the biggest plate of chips/guac.)  I walked out of her class & immediately started implementing some of her ideas into my business…and those ideas have made a huge impact on my relationship with my brides.  Some people think “there’s no way you can learn from keynote presentations.”  Wrong.  My business soared to new heights because of her.  I can’t wait for you to be inspired by her at Reset.  Your business will thank you for it.  I promise.  (and feel free to bring chips & guac…you just have to share with me.)

Meet Katelyn.  Super cute, right? 🙂

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Meet the rest of Katelyn’s Crew: Michael & Bokeh.  (someday I want to snuggle this puppy!  Bokeh is so tiny compared to my labradoodle!)  Did you know Michael is going to lead a devotion at 8:45 during Reset?  So, come early so you can be a part of this time together!
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What keeps you inspired?

Decorating! And not looking at other people’s work too much in my free time. I know it seems silly but refraining from hours of pinterest and blog reading really helps me maintain MY style!

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Favorite Software (presets, actions, templates, etc?)

Oh, this is a GREAT question! Here we go:

Photo Mechanic for culling!

Lightroom 5 for editing!

Blogstomp for blogging!

PASS for image delivery!

Showit for my website!

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Favorite Photo Find:

We LOVE ONA! Our ONA bags are incredible!

We’re also so impressed with CG Pro Print’s turn around time and prices for canvases!

I couldn’t survive without Align Album Design! They keep me sane and on top of all things albums!

Last but not least, shameless plug, we love our Collection! It’s so much fun to have a space to share resources that have been game changers for us in our business!

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What is your favorite photography accessory other than your camera?

Hmm, I really do LOVE my ONA bag. It’s the Capri and it makes me feel so polished and put together at a shoot. It’s just a classic bag and I’m so glad I decided to splurge and get one of my own after seeing so many friends with one!

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If you could only photograph with one lens, which would you choose?

Well, if it didn’t matter about width and zoom and quickness, I would choose the 85mm because it’s heavenly! However, it’s not practical for a whole wedding day. The 35mm is also an all around great lens to have if you couldn’t only have one!

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What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

I want them to feel JOY, to see GENUINE poses and interactions in my clients and to feel that my work has a TIMELESS quality to it!

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What do you think are some clichés in photography you steer away from yourself?

Hmm, probably anything that’s over-done on Pinterest! I just want to make sure I’m thinking for myself! I also don’t want to just shoot to “get it done”, I want to shoot as an artist!!

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If you could be invisible & had your camera…where would you go & what would you photograph?

If I was invisible then I could move around a wedding and shoot from ANY angle I wanted and no one would notice. So I would probably want to shoot a celebrity’s wedding and be super creative because I feel like some couples have some pretty plain pictures from their weddings.

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5 words your friends would use to describe you.

Wow, this is hard! These are words I HOPE they would use! :

Joyful, hard working, genuine, intentional, trustworthy

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5 words your spouse would use to describe you.

Haha, I’m sure some days Michael would say I’m CRAZY! But here are some other adjectives he may use:

Dedicated, reliable, sensitive, joyful (some days I’m not… but I try) and creative.

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What talent would you most like to have?

I really wish I could cook. Actually, I wish I desired to learn how to cook because I know I could do it… I just have no desire to!

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Your laugh…loud and obnoxious? Quiet giggler? Full-on snorter?

I’d say I’m a mix between loud and a giggler. Michael may disagree:)

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Wish you had more of…? Wish you had less of….?

More sleep, less junk. I really need to purge my closets!

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Greatest loves of your life?

Jesus, Michael, Bokeh and my family. I also have a deep love for anything TEAL and from Homegoods!

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Most embarrassing moment??

I was shooting a wedding and bent over to grab a bouquet and no, my pants didn’t rip… my hair went into a candle and caught on FIRE!!! The whole room SCREAMED!!! Mortified!

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Something that is overrated?

Movie theaters! There’s a fancy one in town that Michael and I love going to and getting dinner before the show. However, the old school theaters with over priced pop corn aren’t really THAT great. Is it really worth $20 in popcorn and diet coke to watch a movie in a seat that doesn’t even recline and without a puppy to snuggle with you? No. 🙂

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What’s your BIG dream?

Hmmm, I have a few… but the big one is that I’d love to start a company that is a blessing to my employees, that makes a positive change in the world and  that makes enough income to support my family so that we can focus on serving God and being available for people.

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It’s Friday night at 9pm…what are you probably doing?

Catching up on Netflix and packing for a wedding the next day! 🙂

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If you were granted 3 wishes, what would you choose?

  1. That all of my friends and family would know the goodness and grace of the Lord!
  2. That my hair never needed to be fixed!
  3. That I could get a tan! Oh the woes of being a redhead! 🙂

 View More: can view more of Katelyn’s work at:

Prepare to bring tissues to clear your keyboard off after you drool all over it.  You’ve been warned. 🙂

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Katelyn, we are so grateful you & Michael are a part of The Reset Conference!  Can’t wait to hug your neck in March!

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