Keynote: Regis & Kahran Bethencourt


World-renowned child photographers, Regis and Kahran Bethencourt are a husband and wife duo and the imaginative forces behind CreativeSoul Photography. The pair gained global recognition with their AfroArt series. The collection, which showcases the beauty and versatility of afro hair, was conceived as a way to empower kids of color around the world. The couple recently authored their New York Times best-selling coffee table book, “Glory” which brings to life past, present, and future visions of black culture. With more than twelve years of working with hundreds of children, families, and brands, they specialize in child and lifestyle photography while incorporating authentic visual storytelling.

From Regis & Kahran…

“Hey, we’re Regis and Kahran.

We’re artists obsessed with unique, visual storytelling. 

In fact, we connected because of both our passion for preserving precious moments. We fell head over heels in love with one another, and in the process, created something beautiful: CreativeSoul Photography

With more than 12 years of working with hundreds of children, families and brands, we specialize in lifestyle photography and authentic, visual storytelling.

Our holistic approach to capturing one-of-a-kind moments has allowed our work to be featured in Teen Vogue, CNN, Glamour magazine, Vogue Italia, Black Enterprise,, on The Real daytime talk show, BBC News, the OWN network and many more.”

The Bethencourts were recently featured on STEVE on Watch with Steve Harvey!

Here’s a quick synopsis of Regis & Kahran’s keynote presentation, Running a Profitable Impact Driven Business:

Success is about what you do, not what you say. When you create positive results for your clients, your impact, influence and income will skyrocket. Regis and Kahran Bethencourt are a husband-and-wife duo and the imaginative forces behind CreativeSoul Photography. Known for their visual storytelling through children’s photography, they’ve been able to create compelling imagery to empower kids around the world. Join as Kahran and Regis discuss how they’ve been able to create a profitable business while focusing on empowerment through the lens.

We feel so honored to have Regis & Kahran on our Reset main stage, and we are excited for all that they have to share with our Reset family!