One Photo Challenge | Holly Smith – Holly Birch Photography


Today’s post features yours truly in a revival of the One Photo Challenge. And now I start talking about myself in the 3rd person… 😉

Holly is primarily a wedding and high school seniors photographer, but has a small emphasis on sports and commercial work too.  She is working toward adding a few new corporate/commercial/product clients in 2018.  She challenged herself in 2017 to learn her MagMod equipment backward and forward, and one evening just pulled out all the stops and did it. Using what beer she had lying around in her fridge, she created probably her most favorite image from all of 2017.  She is looking forward to doing a similar series featuring sodas and their ingredients in the coming year.  She’s currently just waiting for a certain fruit to come into season!  We’re looking at you, cherries!! 🙂

MagMod grids and gels for product photography

For you techies… here’s an overview of the setup:

Beer bottle on a mirror, black posterboard taped to the wall behind. One speedlight pointed directly at the bottle with 1 MagMod grid 180 degrees from each other on either side. One speedlight with a MagMod creative gel on the floor below and behind the bottle, pointed at the posterboard. Atmosphere Aerosol sprayed in from camera left to simulate the “haze.”

Holly’s work can be found on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.