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Published by Reset | Nikabella Photography, Ashley Thomma & Shannon Zupke | Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Ashley Thomma & Shannon Zupke photographersWe’re chugging along with some great content from the “Published by Reset” series! Up next is an adorable family session from Nikabella Photography, owned and operated by Ashley Thomma and Shannon Zupke in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  We are loving all the great sessions, weddings, and videos we are getting, so we are extending the deadline for submissions to Sept. 30!!  Send your gallery links or blog posts to Holly anytime in September!  Read on for more about this family session from Nikabella!

“Psssst!! Do you want to know a secret? 

Family sessions are the very best. Yeah, we said it! Family sessions are bursting at the seams with love and laughter, dancing, flower picking, Eskimo kiss-giving, and tickling. Our job allows us the opportunity to bottle up so many emotions and deliver it to a family to cherish forever. We are so thankful to have been able to capture all of that for the Mand family this summer.

Every session starts with a prep guide tailored to their experience (new or returning client). It is so important that clients get a feel for who we are before they work with us. We are silly and dorky (oh so dorky!) and they will get a feel for that while they read. The prep guide also walks through our mission for every session, what to wear, why we shoot when we do, weather concerns, how and where to print, the fact that kids will be silly, crazy, crabby, etc. and how that is totally normal, and ends with a message to Dad [editor’s note: we love this! Such a great idea!].

This particular family knew exactly what was coming, because not only have they read that prep guide, this was their fourth session with us. The Mand family is oozing with love and laughter and are an absolute dream to capture. Brian does anything you ask him to, and always has a smile on his face. Snuggle your girls – easy. Give them smooches – done. Dance with your baby – check. Bobbi Jo – oh, Bobbi Jo! Not only is she beautiful (I mean…look at her! That hair and her eyes!), but she is the best mommy to those girls. She is so patient, so kind, loving and gentle. She sings with them, and dances. Holds their hands and gives big giant hugs. Her girls adore her, and she adores her girls. Beautiful Isla, with those blue eyes. She has the softest voice, and is so, so polite and sweet. She loved telling us all about The Wizard of Oz (her current favorite) and picking flowers for her mommy. And baby Cora. Ooooh, baby Cora wasn’t entirely sure of us during the session, but we got her to come around. She enjoys snuggles with mom most. And we were totally down with that.

This session called for a dreamy location to match this family’s dynamic. Rich and dark to have contrast and shadows, but room for that golden sun to shine. Even if Wisconsin doesn’t want to share that goodness with us lately! Tall grass and a tree line with golden hour sunrays makes for our perfect location. 

Gorgeous family + dreamy location = one of our favorite sessions of the summer! Enjoy this beautiful family’s session. We hope you can feel the love that they all have for each other while you sneak a peek!”

xoxo – Ashley and Shannon

moody low contrast family photography Wisconsin family photographer golden hour tree-lined family photography dark moody family photographs mom snuggling with daughters family lifestyle photography with snuggles moody golden hour family photography

Ashley & Shannon also wanted to share their appreciation for the Reset conference and the lessons they have learned since attending. “We have been in business for almost five years and have attended two Reset Conferences. The information and knowledge we have learned from both is invaluable. A lot of our business successes comes from the knowledge we have stacked up from the amazing speakers and classes at the conference. We are still working on our massive list of tasks from this year’s conference and are seeing some pretty amazing changes take place in our business. We can’t wait to share those changes as they come, but we do know that we have the Reset Conference to thank for the spark it ignited. So THANK YOU to Rebekah and Kellie, and everyone else who work so hard to make it happen.”

You can find Nikabella’s work on their website, Facebook & Instagram.

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