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Our next post in the “Published by Reset” series features Niki Jones Photography, a family and lifestyle newborn photographer based in Annapolis, MD serving families in the Baltimore/DC Metro area. Niki submitted a beautiful lifestyle family session to us, so we asked her to tell us a bit about it.  Read on for more from Niki…
sunset golden hour family photos
Maryland family photographer Niki Jones
It was the first week of June, and I put out an emergency call for a family to participate in a family session to wrap up my promotional film. Life happened and plans changed and I needed a family the following Saturday. Literally seven days before said session needed to happen. I was kinda worried about finding a family to roll with the short notice and the handful of caveats I had, but my friend Katie rounded up her gang and came through for me in the most perfect way.
family dewy light photos on a quilt
Even though it was the last week of school, Katie and I were able to pull together styling for her family of six, half of which came from wardrobes they already had (proof that you don’t have to purchase new clothes for portraits!). Katie’s dress, a random Amazon gem I found, was the inspiration for everyone’s outfits. Amid getting her boys through the last week of school AND packing up her own classroom, Katie rummaged through their closets with a couple of specific looks in mind. Using items already in their wardrobes, we put together complete outfits (including shoes!) for her husband and her two oldest boys. Between H&M and Target, I picked up a couple of pieces for the two little guys and dropped everything off with Katie to put everything together. And luckily, everything fit and looked great together.
promotional cinematic film during family photo session
Our session was a little atypical because there were three extra sets of eyes! Despite the two cinematographers plus my husband all watching and participating in one way or another, Katie and her guys nailed their session. Sometimes we had to stay in one spot a little longer than normal, the cinematographers calling out directives for me. At times a drone whizzed overhead. Behind me and the film crew was my husband, quietly snapping a few behind the scenes photos for me. Through all of these distractions, this sweet family trusted me, trusted my guidance and my vision, and together, we created one of my favorite sessions to date PLUS my incredible promotional film (though the bulk of the credit for the film goes to the cinematographers!).mama with her boys at family photos
If you didn’t catch the link above, be sure to check out Niki’s promotional film she references above. It is really cool!!
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