Reset Featured Speaker | Sarah Jane Shorthose


This week we are super excited to showcase the work of Sarah Shorthose from Sarah Jane Photography & BoxDrops by SJP.  Sarah is a rockstar at in-person sales and pricing her work for profit.  You do NOT want to miss her sessions!
photography pricing for profit from Sarah Jane Photography
Hello Reset-ers! I hope you all are ready to learn, grow, change and embrace your businesses with the help of the Reset Conference. You are going to be in some classes where knowledge bombs are dropped like rose petals down the isle and I hope you scoop up as many as you can. But today I want to talk to you about a little idea that might pop into your head as you hear all the advice and inspiration…. thoughts that sound a little like ‘I’d love to do that if I only had [a studio, a bigger market, that camera, those lights, a degree, their creative eye, [insert your choice here].’
544168_10151463784428521_625039786_nsenior photographer Sarah Janestudio senior photographer Sarah Jane
Check yourself when these thoughts pop into your head (and they will) and instead redirect that idea into what can you do that’s remarkable with what you have right now. I opened my business 13 years ago with a Canon Rebel and kit lens (gasp)…. I’ve worked profitably for 6 years full time in a small blue-collar midwest market with a home studio. There are things I want… commercial studio space has been on my wish list for uh 12.9 years! But my lack of this does not hold me back from creating the BEST product/experience/business that I can with what I have. And it has never once held me back from profitability.
outdoor senior photographer Sarah Janefootball sports HS senior guy photographer Sarah Jane
In my classes at Reset I’ll be talking a lot about the ways to ensure you’re making money (not just pretty portraits) in your business. You can do this from day ONE… without debt, without every gadget out there and without a studio space.
Sarah Jane family photographer
You’ve likely heard the popular phrases like ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ and ‘do not compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10.’ And while 100% true and great advice those are often difficult in practice. You will see and learn from some photographers that are doing HUGE & AMAZING things but just remember YOU can too… right here, right now YOU can build your dream business (one brick at a time) and not only do what you love but EARN A LIVING doing it.
engagement photographer Sarah Jane
And that, my friends, is exactly what I’ll be teaching on; how to make MONEY doing what you love. My classes will focus on designing a price list that leads clients to buy what you love and guarantees consistently profitable sales. And we’ll walk through how to actually make and close the sale while staying true to your brand identity start to finish. Sales doesn’t have to be a bad word, you don’t have to feel sleazy or slimy or used-car-salesy to make great sales each and ever time a client hires you. In fact, making great consistent sales is one of the easiest ways you can ensure you are able to keep doing what you love for as long as you choose.
Sarah Jane wedding photographer
I have to admit I’m the odd photographer who gets SO passionate and energized and EXCITED to talk about the numbers of your business… why? Because those numbers are POWER. Your power to provide for your family, pay college tuition, travel to see the world, and do what you love every single day.
BoxDrops by SJP
I cannot wait to see some of you in my classes and see everyone get energized and inspired at Reset. Remember, you can do great things right where you are NOW and I am so excited to help you!