Reset Takeaways Series | Nathan & Jessica Kraeszig


learning to outsource at the Reset Conference

Nathan & Jessica Kraeszig own and operate Jessica Rene Photography out of Whitestown, Indiana, and are no strangers to the Reset Conference!  In fact, I believe they were among the first to book their tickets for the 2019 conference in Lexington, Kentucky when it was announced!

I caught up with the couple just after Megan Kuethen’s class on 10 profitable tips for your business.  I could tell their minds were just reeling with all they’d learned the past two days, and were already thinking ahead to next steps. You may remember last year with Jessica did a Reset blog takeover and talked about how they would go home at night after the conference and fill up a huge whiteboard with all their notes, ideas, and action plans.  I asked if they would be doing that again, and they said absolutely!!

Nathan and Jessica Kraeszig laugh with one of the speakers

As I conducted interviews at the 2018 conference, my main question was always “What is the big takeaway that you’re going to be put into practice right away?”

Kraeszigs: “Today is all about profitability, in-person sales, more business, and generating more revenue. [Reset is ] showing us that we’re not crazy and that we can generate more sales by selling products and actually getting into in-person sales and selling tangible goods. [We’ll be] taking the business in a different direction and maybe into selling products.”

Reset Conference for photographers and creatives

So what does that look like to a couple of photographers from Indiana?  How will they make those things happen?

Kraeszigs: “The thing that [we’re] personally going through right now is learning how to hire out and delegate — to have other professionals help us. They’re gonna take some pressure off of us because they’re good at whatever that is they need to do and we’re gonna pay them to do that so we can move on to stuff we’re good at. We think we can do everything, but we cannot. It’s holding us back.”

I asked them a bit more specifically what they were looking to hire out. I’ve always heard that you should hire out your least enjoyable tasks and also those you’re just not very good at. Here’s what Nathan and Jessica had to say on the topic:

Kraeszigs: “I think there’s a lot of strategy [in outsourcing]. Maybe a bookkeeper? Yes, that’s for sure. A bookkeeper would take a lot of our shoulders, because that’s kind of the back end.”

Lastly, I asked them about their overall feeling after the conference:

Kraeszigs: “There’s a little bit of everything. There was a lot of content to take in.”  They’ll be back in 2019 in Lexington, Kentucky, and we’re excited to watch them and their business grow each year!!