Set your heart and mind right with Morning Worship


Our Reset Conference co-founders Kellie & Rebekah are both strong women of faith, so they knew from the very get-go that the conference would always be God-centered.

From the very first conference several years ago, worship has been an optional part of the experience. The first few years Reset was on a weekend, so it was natural that the morning worship landed on Sunday morning.

But with the shift to a Monday/Tuesday schedule, morning worship now falls first thing on Day 2 every year. And while it is optional, we have been so blessed to see so many attendees partaking in the experience early in the morning.

The hour service starts with a bit of worship, followed by a short message led by Kellie’s husband Tyler (he’s a pastor!). Then the service concludes with some more acoustic worship.

One of our longtime Reset attendees Shannon shared with us a bit about her experience with worship at the conference:

No matter how tired I am from hanging out with many new and old friends the night before, the one part I won’t miss at Reset is the worship service. With every year I have attended I have walked in with a heavy heart and I’ll admit it….being guilty of sometimes not giving it all to God prior to the worship service. However, we have such a peaceful worship without all the stage presence and boy do I always feel God moving in me and every time I feel revived and hear God saying to me “all is well.” Not to mention the harmony that comes together as a group is such a beautiful thing but looking around the room I am always reminded that I am part of an amazing group of gifted individuals who love to build one another up as God intends for us to do.”

Shannon goes on to say that she highly encourages anyone to attend the worship. She says that if you aren’t comfortable going or think you can’t sing, first God loves all voices, and secondly she would love your company. See you there, bright and early!

If you’ve not attended Reset worship in the past, we encourage you to check it out this year, Tuesday morning at 8:30am. All are welcome!