Something for Everyone at Reset


Our founders Kellie & Rebekah put together a list of the top 10 reasons to visit Chattanooga and join us at the Reset Conference this year! Tickets are still available for this 3-day conference, with 2 full days of education and an optional day of add-on shootouts and mentorships.

Photo by Zeke Tucker on Unsplash;
Cover photo by Jeremiah Bartlett

  1. Community. Reset feels like the family reunion you actually want to attend. Get ready for lots of hugs & to walk away with several new friendships! 
  2. Education. This isn’t your conference full of “fluff.” We’ve attended those types of conferences in the past & we want you to walk away with action steps that you can implement in your businesses & personal lives right away.
  3. Mountains. Kellie & Bekah live in the middle of Illinois and are surrounded by corn. We can’t wait to see something besides the flat earth surrounding us in Illinois!
  4. Gala. Just wait until you see the off-site venue for the gala this year. It’s beautiful. Get ready to dress up, eat delicious food & spend an evening dancing among friends! 
  5. Styled Shoots. This is hands down an attendee favorite. Be sure and plan on staying Wednesday and take part in the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, shoot in locations you don’t normally get to photograph (remember, that whole Kellie & Bekah live in the cornfields part?) and grow your portfolio!
  6. Food. Chattanooga is a vibrant, foodie city. You are going to love exploring downtown & we apologize in advance for any weight gained during this trip. Sorry not sorry. (pro-tip. Eat at Stir. So good!)
  7. Reset & Retreat. Running a business can be tiring. Balancing the work/home life can be exhausting (why do they have to eat every.single.night?…and why so many snacks!?!) Enjoy a few tax-write of days to step away, breathe, and retreat. You’ve earned this.
  8. Shopping. Listen, you have our permission to shop while in Chattanooga. We will only applaud you as you come back into the lobby with shopping bags full of clothes.
  9. Coffee & Ice cream. There are SO MANY amazing coffee shops in Chattanooga that you are going to love. And there’s an ice cream shop just around the corner. You’re welcome.
  10. Explore. Come a day before. Stay a day or two later. Go hiking, kayaking, visit the waterfalls or the aquarium. Nature not your thing? Take a day to go to the spa. This is your getaway. Make the most of it! But definitely document your time in Chattanooga on Instagram. It’s a goldmine for content.