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We were THRILLED when Kim emailed us to say she’d love to be a part of The Reset Conference & that she’d like to be one of our featured vendors at the conference.  I’ve been eyeing her bags for awhile & am so excited to see them in person!  I personally love that they can hold a 17″ laptop!  My MacbookPro is big & rarely fits any other bag out there!  I emailed Kim to find out more about her journey with Shutterbags & loved learning about them & how she got started!

Kim said…As far as how I created Shutterbag, I have to admit I didn’t. I was introduced over the internet to a woman in Australia that was looking for a U.S. distributor for her new camera bag line. I had just written a blog post about my frustration with searching for a camera bag that was real leather. I had actually fabricated and sewn my own insert because I didn’t want a vinyl bag that costs hundreds of dollars. As soon as I read about the bags being genuine leather, I immediately got one to see the quality for myself.  I was in love when it arrived! The Australian woman (her name is Cherie) and I hit it off very well and I signed on as the exclusive U.S. distributor.  Within a few months of getting on board with Shutterbag, Cherie delivered devastating news. Cherie and her husband were divorcing, she was about to become a single mom and did not have the passion or drive to continue the business further. After just investing in my new business venture, I was crushed to think it may never come to fruition.  My husband and I prayed a lot about it and offered to buy Shutterbag from Cherie.  I was so passionate about these bags, I couldn’t let them go. I had already started marketing (albeit just a little at that time) Shutterbag in the U.S. and knew there were women just like me that wanted a pretty camera bag made of real materials.  So within just a few months after joining Shutterbag, it became mine. I kept the few designs we had and soon added my own, too.  I couldn’t be more proud of this business and the relationships I have made. I always say that we are a Shutterbag family, and I mean it.  I love connecting and getting to know each customer. They know they are more than an order to me, they are family.  Being such a small business allows me the privilege to serve and support our Shutterbag family. Heck, it is such a family affair that my kids help package the bag as they make their way to their new homes. So if your shipping label looks a little crooked, chances are my three year old and my five year old were “helping” each other put it on the box.

The photos are of the Journey bag (in goldenrod yellow) and of the Heirloom (in black). The Journey came about from asking women in an open question on Facebook what they wanted in a bag. Being able to carry a water bottle without putting it the bag with their gear was the top response. So I knew we had to find a way to incorporate that feature. So the Journey has that front pouch for a water bottle, sippy cup, or baby bottle.
The Heirloom is our most versatile bag. It comes with five straps so you can wear it as a tote, shoulder bag, messenger, or a back pack.  You can also attach the straps in more nontraditional ways to slide the Heirloom onto a rolling bag or luggage trolley. You can easily attach the Heirloom to a stroller, too.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

You can find these gorgeous bags at and on Facebook!


Heirloom as backpack webHeirloom-strip

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