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Indianapolis wedding photographerKaty Davis is a wedding and family photographer based just south of Indianapolis. She believes in family and friends and friends that are family. That home is where your WiFi connects automatically. She really really loves photographing awesome humans.

While this post is geared toward wedding couples, we think there are some helpful nuggets for photographers as well!  Check it out!


So often I hear of people complaining about trends in weddings that will never leave. I can only hope the sparkler trend never ends! It is one of my very favorite things. Sparkler’s are fun and will always be fun! If you’re planning on having sparklers at your wedding, definitely read on for a few tips!

Be Realistic

At least half of all of the sparkler exits are…not actually the bride and groom exiting! WHAT?! I know! You might be surprised to hear this info. You have to be realistic when it comes to a sparkler exit. Even if you might think your guests will party all night long, it is very unlikely. Plus, even if they do it is likely they have had a few too many drinks…mix that with some fire…Hard pass. You also have to think about what time your reception starts and when it’s actually dark outside. Summer months usually mean sparklers have to happen as last as 10 or 10:30 at night. Most guests are gone by then! More guests = more sparklers = photos with higher cool factor.

Indianapolis wedding photographer katy davis

Venue says, What?

Something really important, is to find out if your venue even allows sparklers. Some venues require you to be so far from the building. Some venues don’t even allow them at all. If this is the case, maybe it’s possible to do portraits off site. That way your photographer can plan a high impact sparkler photo, without going against your venue contract.

successful sparker exit tips

Spring for the long sparklers

This is very important. DO NOT GET THE KID SPARKLERS. You know, the ones that are 10 inches, and burn so fast you barely get to light it before it’s burned out. These are not great for photos. Imagine trying to light 100 sparklers with 3 lighters. By the time the last people have their sparklers lit, the first sparklers have burnt out. Spring for the long sparklers, at least 20 inches. These are most easily found online. Sometimes they can be found during 4th of July sales, but they’re hard to find. Do not get neon colored ones or sparklers with any extra fancy stuff. Those are smokey messes. Stick with the simple 20+ inch sparklers. And definitely provide 4-6 stick lighters, depending on your number of guests. Matches don’t stay lit long enough, and regular lighters will burn your fingers.

Katy Davis's tips on successful wedding sparkler exits

Have fun

Sparklers are fun. Period. Laugh, don’t be afraid! Trust that your photographer or wedding coordinator will organize everyone easily. No one is going to go out of their way to catch your hair on fire, so don’t be afraid! Enjoy this romantic moment.

Thanks for reading! We hope you’ll check out Katy’s class at the 2019 Reset Conference!

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