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Oh my goodness!  As busy wedding photographers, we **love** this post from Megan Kuethen!  She has made up a list of tricks and items you should definitely consider adding into your so-called “back pocket” or emergency bag for wedding days.  As the saying goes, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”  Now go get ’em, […]

11 Wedding Day Must-Haves for Photographers

3M command hooks are necessary for these epic dress photos

Have you ever wondered how to start a mastermind group (and maybe why you should – or what it even is?) Not that long ago, I was in the place of having heard of the power of mastermind groups, wanting one, but not knowing where to start. Starting a mastermind group has so significantly benefited […]

How to Start a Mastermind Group | Megan Kuethen

starting a mastermind group

Megan Kuethen joins us for Reset 2017 from Orange County, California.  She is a wedding & family photographer who recently took a trip to India to serve as a photographer for a mission team.  She’s talking with us today about rest, balance, and busyness.  Thanks for joining us this year, Megan! A collection of very […]

Reset Featured Speaker | Megan Kuethen

Finding Rest and Balance in Busyness