The Reset Challenge: Interview with Miranda Cornett


Today on the blog we are featuring Miranda Cornett of Heart of it All Photography!
Our theme last month was “Simplicity.” Describe what inspired you with your Simplicity portrait.  
My baby brother (only 2 years younger) has lost over 100lbs in the last 3 years and is training to run his first marathon. I’m so proud of him I could burst. He was visiting (for my Sweet Pea’s 3rd birthday.) He’s very serious about his training, so before the party, he wanted to run 10 miles. This was one of the only times I would get with him one on one, so when he ran at 5a, I rode my bike and took pictures along the way. His dedication to something he puts his mind to amazes me. When he wants to do something, he simply does it.
What is your favorite type of photography?
Family and couples!
What inspires you?
My faith, families, the weather, scenery, long drives …
Describe your typical day?
You’ll have to ask my daughter. My day depends on her dreams and desires. At home chill day with Mickey Mouse or out and about with Starbucks and errands. She makes the call.
Favorite quote:
I have 2. 🙂 ‘Now go, I will help you to speak and will teach you what to say.’ Exodus 4:12 …. and ‘Home is where the Air Force sends you.’
If you could photograph one famous person (Dead or Alive), who would it be?
I’m not really into ‘famous’ people. But I can pick a few fictional people! I love photographing couples so I think Romeo and Juliette would be romantic.
Favorite moment from the Reset Conference?
Besides getting meet so many amazing photographers??? The head shot portion was pretty awesome. It was a blast seeing how everyone shot and handled ‘clients’ differently. It was also an eye opener being on the other side of the camera.
I follow Miranda on Facebook and I love when her images of her daily life pop up in my newsfeed.  Her daughter, Abigail, is ADORABLE & Miranda captures her life so well.  Abigail has no idea just how lucky she is to have a mommy that captures all of the little moments…from the crazy bed head, trips to the pool, lounging around the house…it’s all there.  Miranda’s love for her family is so inspiring.  Keep Miranda & her family in your prayers.  They just moved to San Antonio, Texas (“home is where the air force sends you”), and they will be undergoing lots of transitions while they get settled.  Miranda…thank you for participating in this month’s challenge!!