What to Bring to The Reset Conference


Generally speaking, we think that simpler is better for attending conferences because you don’t want to be lugging a bunch of extra stuff around between rooms or even around the hotel and your mode of transportation.  However, we thought it might be helpful to have a list of things that we definitely recommend and a list of things you may not have thought of.  This list is definitely not a catch-all (and you can “take it or leave it” on some items for sure!), but we want you to be prepared!

  1. Notebook & pen (or if you prefer to take notes on a laptop or iPad, that’s fine too!)
  2. Phone charger and/or portable charger. Outlets are available but somewhat limited, so if you have your own power source, bring it!
  3. Camera!  This is if you’re doing a shootout or just want to take photos at the conference. 🙂 You can always use your phone too!
  4. Your schedule. This is available on your phone and the Reset website, but if you prefer a paper copy, print it out ahead of time!
  5. Cash/credit cards — for meals, Starbucks runs, and shopping in the Vendor Expo!
  6. LAYERS — it will probably be chilly outside, especially in the evenings, and conference centers are notoriously all over the place when it comes to temperature; wear layers so you can be comfortable no matter what.Reset Conference attendees
  7. Answers to popular questions: 1) What are my goals for this year? 2) What do I hope to take away from Reset? 3) What do I need to learn and what sessions will help me get there? These are just starters to get the ball rolling!
  8. Water bottle to stay hydrated and save money!
  9. Mints/gum (and extra to share never hurts!)
  10. Hand sanitizer
  11. Snacks for in between sessions or back in your room
  12. Business cards (or just have your phone handy to follow people right away on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or exchange emails)

RESET IS ALMOST HERE!!!  We are frantically tying up loose ends and are so ready to welcome you all with open arms on Friday evening and Saturday morning!!

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