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“Time is something we need, crave, and deplete over and over again. It’s a vicious cycle!”  

Hello, Reset Friends! So excited to chat all things outsourcing and editing today! TIME is something we need, crave, and deplete over and over again.  It’s a vicious cycle and, as photographers, this vicious cycle is all too real.  How do we break that cycle or at the very least, tweak it to better use?

Outsourcing your editing!  

How do those 3 words make you feel?  Do they give you hope? Do they give you excitement?  Do they give you comfort? OR Does it give you fear? Is it fear of losing control, or fear of the unknown, or both?  Don’t worry. You are not alone if outsourcing gives you pause. I’m here to help you better understand what it means to outsource your editing and why it’s essential if you want to run an elevated and effective photography business. I will be talking about this and much more in my breakout session and hope to see you there!

Today I wanted to touch on a few key things to get you on your way to successfully outsourcing your editing and having it work all its magic, because that’s what it truly is…magical!

Having a good workflow:

We all want to wow our clients and be able to turnaround images quickly.  It’s all about underpromise and overdeliver. I personally am grateful when I hire someone for a project and they meet the deadlines way sooner than expected.  It makes me feel valued and appreciated. It solidifies that the person I hired to do this important work, really cares. So, I’m sure your clients feel the same and delivering an exceptional experience will create raving fans of your business and have referrals coming in left and right!

However, to effectively and consistently do this, a SOLID workflow needs to be in place.  Just because you hire an editor doesn’t mean it’s an instant fix. You need to create workflows/timelines that you stick to.  When establishing a workflow for yourself, one big tip I have for you is to create one that you know will work for you. Do not create a workflow that, although sounds great on paper, you know deep down you won’t stick to it.  Your workflow needs to be something you know will work with your personality as well as keep you organized and shaving off valuable work time. Don’t be afraid to try and tweak as needed to get to YOUR PERFECT workflow!

Know your Style:

You NEED to know your style!  I can’t stress this enough! Believe it or not, outsourcing works best if you can relay to your editor all of your preferences and your likes and dislikes when it comes to your editing.  If you don’t have this honed in, it will be a frustrating experience for you and nobody, especially me, wants that for you!

Don’t feel like you have a solid style or consistency in your editing and workflow?  No worries, I’ve got you! I offer 1-on-1 mentoring where we can dive in deep and really get you on the right track.  This is a great first step before committing to outsourcing when you may not really be ready and together we will have you more confident in your editing!  For more info on this visit


Let’s talk about how paying an editor should work for you NOT against you.  How you might ask? Well, in our consult calls with our wedding photographers we actually go through this with them and help them see and work through all of this.  Here are a couple of points I usually bring up while helping them figure out how to make it work financially…

  • The easiest way would be to add the cost into your pricing structure.  You would be surprised at how small of an increase it is and most couples that inquire will not even notice the small increase.  You guys, I’m talking about a 3-5% increase. That’s it. Really!
  • Another way to do this, is if you are wanting to outsource your already booked weddings and you didn’t account for the editing costs when you booked them, you can always book another wedding.  Yep you heard me right…one more wedding will usually cover the cost of an editor. (depending on where you are priced) AND if you think about it further… you won’t be needing to edit that wedding either.  Sounds amazing right!

I hope you found this helpful!  I want you to know I am in your corner, cheering you on and here to help in any way I can!  

Can’t wait to see you at Reset!
XOXO,  Janelle Joy

Janelle is the founder and owner of Janelle Joy Private Editing. After being a photographer for 14 years and seeing a huge need for 1-on-1 outsourcing, Janelle decided to hang her photography hat and open the doors to Janelle Joy Private editing back in 2016. She now runs a thriving and successful editing business helping wedding photographers from all over the world take back their time, enabling them to upscale their business, create better client experiences, and have a personal life in the process. In-fact, the high-demand for Janelle’s personal and unique approach to private editing ended up growing from a one-woman show to now having a team of 6 editors in a period of just 1 year! Janelle and her team work with extraordinary high-end luxury photographers all the way down to the everyday wedding photographer. Her photographers have been published in all the major publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Bride magazine, Vogue, and more. She thrives by the motto, “Time is a luxury we can’t afford to waste, so use it wisely and purposefully.” You can follow Janelle Joy on Instagram & Facebook.

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