5 Tips for a Better Workflow with Marcie Reif


Hello Friends! My name is Marcie Reif and I’m an Atlanta-based kids, family, and commercial photographer.  I do a lot of different kinds of shoots and my workflow keeps me on track so that I can turn sessions around quickly. 

I believe that if your clients are paying you top dollar then part of their experience with you should be a timely turn-around with their images.  I turn all my images back over to clients within 7-10 days but try for 3-5 days. Sure, life happens and some weeks are busier than others but if you are organized and things are operating like normal you should be able to turn sessions around within a decent amount of time. 

So, how do I stay organized so that I can turn sessions around quickly?  It starts with my communication and ends with my delivery of images.  

Here are my tips for a quick and efficient workflow:

Tip #1 Create a welcome guide so you are not spending hours typing up the same thing in emails.  You can either link a pdf from the web or attach it to the email and it does all the talking for you.

Tip #2 Use a program like Photo Mechanic that can help you quickly cull images.

Tip #3 Cull your session as quickly as possible and have it ready to edit.  Don’t let the images sit on your card for a week. The more on top of editing you feel the more likely you are to start and finish it early.

Tip #4 Create your own presets or actions that can do simple tweaks to images that you would add anyways to save time.

Tip #5 Use programs like Shootproof or Pixieset to deliver galleries so that your clients can have their images immediately.

During my session at The Reset Conference I will share my complete workflow and even share presets I’ve created myself to save so much time.  I am excited to share my folder organization and entire workflow with my class. A well-organized workflow can make all the difference in knocking items off your to-do list! 

Marcie Reif is an in-demand kids, family, and commercial photographer in the Atlanta, GA area. Marcie Reif Photography has been featured on highly popular online communities such as Click It Up a Notch, Manfrotto School of Excellence, Tamron blog, and the Click Magazine blog. Her work has been featured and shared countless times by industry-leading companies and has appeared in print in the highly acclaimed Click Magazine, Tamron Magazine, and Digital Imaging Reporter. Marcie is a Tamron Pro Ambassador. Marcie is also co-founder of The Photographer’s Retreat, an educational experience for female photographers, and the author of the best-selling instructional resource Bringing Home the Story of the Beach.