Do You Need to Refresh Your Career?


In today’s Reset alum testimonial, we’re speaking with Julie Paszczykowski from Toledo, Ohio. We love her enthusiasm over her trip to Reset this past spring, and we are thrilled and humbled to share her kind words.

Hi, Julie! Tell us about yourself!
I am a wanna-be southern girl at heart, [but] I live in NW Ohio where we get to experience four seasons and photograph for variety! I started out as a family/children portrait photographer for a large chain studio, then opened my own wedding photography business in 2004, 5 years after shooting my first wedding. I also photographed my very first birth in 2004. Little did I know that would become my passion. I now photograph more births/fresh baby/motherhood/family sessions than anything else. I married my HS sweetheart and we have 7 amazing children, 4 birthed from my womb and 3 birthed in our hearts and adopted forever. We are a very close Jesus-loving, joke-telling, quality time-spending group of people, which is why photographing LIFE/families, is my passion!

What made you decide to come to Reset?
I decided to attend Reset with a friend who told me about it because I hadn’t been to a conference for a few years and it was time for a refresh of not only my business knowledge and creativity, but of my mind and soul. I just FELT like this was the right one to attend, and I was right!! I believe that no matter how long you’ve been in business, be it just starting out or in for 20 years, it’s always a good idea to go and be inspired with like-minded folks who all want to serve better, create better, and share knowledge and experience.

“… it was time for a refresh of not only my business knowledge and creativity, but of my mind and soul.”

Juile Paszczykowski

What was your favorite part about the 2019 Reset Conference?
I absolutely LOVED meeting new friends and hanging out, especially after the roaring 20s gala! Dancing is a MUST! So many amazing speakers, but some that stuck out were Vanessa Hicks and Unashamed Imaging!

What was your biggest take away from this year’s conference?
I think the take away that stuck with me is just putting myself out there more, being more active on social media and with blogging. I THOUGHT I was doing a decent job before, but I needed that kick in the rear. Still working on getting better during this busy time.

What would you say to another photographer to convince them to attend the Reset Conference?
Everyone could use a refresh and Reset of their minds, if anything. Even if I’ve heard it all before, I always, always take away something that motivates and inspires me to either go back to what I KNOW works, incorporate one more thing that I learned, or even kick things up a notch. But I always learn something new. And just meeting the other amazing photographers from around the U.S. is worth it!! But, if you’re just starting out, RESET is one of the BEST conferences I’ve ever been to! I loved all the personal attention, the close-knit group of people and the welcoming of everyone!

To see more of her work you can follow Julie on Instagram, check out her Facebook page, or visit her website.