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Oh my goodness… those of you who are writing blog posts on behalf of The Reset Conference are absolutely crushing it!!  We’ve been asking some of you from all across the country to write about your experiences, takeaways, and growth so that newcomers or those on the fence will know what they are in for.  We seriously couldn’t ask for any better reviews — thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Kaitlin Powell headshot

(photo by Mallory & Justin)

Today’s post is a testament from Kaitlin Powell, a Pittsburgh transplant who has lived in Illinois her whole life until last summer.  Kaitlin talks about essentially starting her whole photography business over from scratch and how Reset is helping her through this time of transition.  Here’s Kaitlin’s story…

I. Love. Reset. I’ve attended three years now and every year it motivates me, lifts my spirits, and more importantly grows my business!

Year one at Reset my goal was to soak up as much business knowledge as I could. Anything to get me started. I hadno idea how to run a business. I learned general tips on workflow, social media hacks and just balancing life and your business.
Pittsburgh wedding photographer

Year two I learned about branding, embracing your imperfections, PRICING WHAT YOU’RE WORTH, secrets to being an awesome second shooter, working with intention, off-camera flash and more.
Kaitlin Powell Photography and DesignEast Coast wedding photographygroom photos by Kaitlin Powell

Attending this year was a little different for me than in the past. When I originally started my business I was located in Central, IL – where I’ve lived my entire life. This past summer I moved 9 hours away from my friends, family and clients to start a new life in Pittsburgh, PA.

A lot of people have commended me on my “bravery” for uprooting my life. I play it off well, but I’m not going to lie…. it’s really hard and scary! Especially when most of us start our business photographing for friends & family. (None of which live out here!)

romantic wedding portraits by Kaitlin Powellbride and groom seated on white pews

backlit church wedding pictures

I came to Reset this year with an essentially new business. Needing all the help I could get to get this thing off the ground again.  This year was exactly what I needed – and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!!

My classes focused on how to build a more profitable photography business, increase profit, get more clients/increase your demand (best take away ever), making your website effective & efficient, different styles of “natural posing” I hadn’t explored yet, Law 101 (2nd best take away ever), and major tips on how to rock a wedding from some of the industry’s best photographers.

bride and groom embracing

Over the years, I’ve also done various “break-out sessions” with some crazy talented photographers (shout out to Sarah Hill and Kara Kamienski!) Shooting alongside them, learning posing tricks and how to create natural emotions with your couples & families. The best part? Photos for your portfolio. Which, for someone starting out or restarting, are worth their weight in gold.

Pennsylvania wedding photographer Kaitlin Powellwedding portraits in the city

Researching further/implementing all the tricks I’ve learned have made my client base grow.

Folks. I cannot stress this enough…………INVEST IN YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS. No more free sessions or sessions for $50, weddings for $300, the usual. You, your talent and your time are worth it. If you want to make it work, do it and DO IT NOW. Attend Reset.

You won’t regret it. — Kaitlin

Thank you SO MUCH, Kaitlin!  We are blown away by your words and everything you’ve been challenged with the past year.  We know you are going to rock your business in 2017 & beyond!!

You can find Kaitlin Powell online on Facebook & Instagram.

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