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The best Resets happen at the beach.

Join us March 3-5 in Panama City Beach, Florida for the annual Reset Conference for photographers!

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Headshot by Jessica Rene PhotographyIt’s hard to miss Flavi Huff at Reset.  She’s never met a stranger, she has an infectious personality, she’s a wee bit loud, and she has a Brazilian accent that you can’t miss! <3 She nearly skipped Reset this year because she had a brand new baby boy, but decided at the last minute to come after all with baby wrapped against her all weekend (and hubby tagging along to help too!).  We are so glad she did & we know she is too!! 🙂



From Flavi:

I first heard about Reset via a friend of mine.  It was a newer conference, and at that time I think it was the second year in the making.  The idea of the conference got me excited. To me the name alone had a very good meaning, RESET, the chance to give myself a break, to learn from my peers, all of that had me excited to go.  My goal was to gather as much information as I was able to and implement some of it on my new dream business.  If I only knew then how much more I would get from that weekend.  Not only did I get to meet and learn from some of my favorites photographers in the industry, but I learned so much and had the pleasure of meeting some amazing, talented people; whom many are now dearest friends of mine.  I not only got to learn the importance of community over competition, but I also found my tribe that year.

Westfield Indiana family photographer

Every year I attend this amazing conference, I make a plan to myself of what I will focus on that year.  My first year I learned a lot about all the ins and outs of my business, platforms that can assist me in doing everything the right way from the start to finish, and the importance of relationships with my client base.  My second year, I focused on ways of getting my images as perfect as I can in camera so that my editing time would be cut in half. I also learned a lot about off camera light with the genius Holly Birch.

Flavi Huff senior photographer

Finally, this past year, I focused back on the reason I got into this industry in the first place – a true RESET in my eyes.  See, I make friends pretty easily, so I wanted to focus on relationships this year and cultivate the many friendships I have made at this conference in year’s past – get back to that happy place!  Ultimately, there are so many great things I could say about the conference this year: I learned so much, made so many new connections, but what stuck with me the most was when Megan Kuethen was speaking about the power of “story.”  She asked us to think back to our own past to find the reason why photography is so important to us in the first place.  Right in there, in that room, around my friends and peers, I saw it – I finally understood my “why.”  Megan was able to do what not many people can do, she was able to make me so comfortable and vulnerable that my happy mask was left on the floor and the little girl that had been so hurt in the past showed up in that room.  With her came my “why.”  I do what I do because I want every little kid that I photograph to have what I never had, beautiful memories with the ones they love the most.  I want them to have photographs to look back on someday, so they can see the love their parents and family had for them and understand how important they were and just be able to relive that day through my work.

Westfield Indiana newborn photographer

candid family photography by Flavi Huff

Every year, reset has given me the tools to push myself to be who I want to be, and find balance and happiness between work and the most important people of my life, my family.  It’s here that I found my tribe, those I can relate to the most – other parents trying to do the same thing I am.  Those that are seeking the best ways to run and grow their business, so they have the time to spend with their loved ones.  It amazes me how much information you can get to make life easier from these that find themselves in the same journey as you.

senior pictures with backdrop

I am so happy that I found this conference a couple years ago, this is the highlight of every year for me for sure.  I look forward to seeing my friends, learning from all the amazing speakers, and gathering ideas to implement on my business to make it better.  It has truly been an amazing learning opportunity each and every year.  I am beyond thankful to Rebekah, Kellie and their team for all their hard work time and time again.  I always tell my photographer friends that if they want to learn from people that you can actually relate to, make real connections and friends for life, then RESET is the conference for them.  I always urge them that if they haven’t attended it yet, to give it a try, and I always promise them that they won’t regret it.  For anyone reading this, I hope to have the chance to meet you, because I can assure you, I can be found in the front row every year.  Cheers!

lifestyle maternity photos

Thank YOU, Flavi!!!  And she’s not lying about the front row thing… 😉

You can find Flavi Huff on Facebook & Instagram.

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