Attendee Spotlight :: Shaylee Brown :: Defiance, Ohio


Defiance Ohio photographerOur attendee spotlight today is on Shaylee Brown, a photographer from Defiance, Ohio.  Our staff blogger Holly manages these posts and as a Scandal fan, she was totally geeked out to see there was a Reset attendee from Defiance!!
1) How far (or long) did you travel to attend Reset?
2 hrs and 45 minutes (driving)
Defiance Ohio family photographer
2) What were your expectations going into the conference?
Learning new business techniques and meeting new people
3) What new goals did you set for yourself following Reset?
New goals that I set for myself after attending the Reset Conference was to build my social media up to gain more clients, so far it has worked with all the new techniques I’ve learned at Reset. I know that not every client can be yours so build friendships with other photographers and be a community over competition. Everyone is different in their artistic ways, which is what makes this industry beautiful and so fun!!!
black and white engagement photo
Ohio engagement photographer Shaylee Brownfall family photographer Shaylee Brown
4) What would you tell a friend to get them to attend the conference in the future?
You meet such great people, you leave with SO much more information than you could think of. Don’t think twice about it, just doooo it!!! You will NOT regret it.
Senior photographer Shaylee Brown
5) Who was your favorite speaker?
Sarah Hill, for sure!!!
Thanks Shaylee for being in our attendee spotlight today!  Can’t wait to see you next year!