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The best Resets happen at the beach.

Join us March 3-5 in Panama City Beach, Florida for the annual Reset Conference for photographers!

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Saturday, April 7




With all the talk about how to run a business, or how to take the perfect picture, we can lose sight of the ‘experience’ portion of our job. While some might be quick to argue that this customer service is simply an extension of running a business, in our talk, we’ll make the case that Client Experience is the third domain required to have a successful and sustainable career in photography. We’ll discuss strategies for creating exceptional relationships with your clients and how to manage reasonable expectations for wedding and portrait clients (and, importantly, yourself). Our agenda will not be to ‘preach synergy’ but rather give you workable solutions to immediately put to use in your photography business.


Blogging. SEO. Snoozefest! We became photographers to document memories, not to sit behind our desks writing out boring blog posts and trying to understand how SEO works, right? Right! However, strategic blogging and proper SEO techniques can dramatically transform your business and help you get more clients than you ever thought possible!

In this class we will discuss:

  • Why blogging is so beneficial for small business owners
  • An easy workflow from session to publish
  • The three most important SEO tactics to apply when blogging.

It doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to spend hours upon hours behind your desk figuring out what to talk about. Pinky swear. By the end of our session you’ll finally be BFF with blogging and SEO.

Prepping for a newborn session is a science!  Come learn the systematic way that Stephanie preps for a newborn session (in the studio and with the parents), maximizes the time the baby sleeps, organizes the session to produce the most number of setups and subsequently produces galleries that are full of quality photographs.  Stephanie will also cover sales techniques specifically geared towards newborn sessions that will help you maximize profits!
The industry teaches us to be natural light photographer of soft light. To get those dreamy picturesque style of photos. They make you feel like high noon or just the sun beating down on your subjects is not the way you should photography them. Shoot early morning, evening for golden hour. What if I told you that you are looking some of the most amazing dramatic photos you can take are in harsh light? Not everything needs to be shot at f1.2/1.4. Anyone can do that, shoot something at f/11 and truly challenge yourself to create something amazing. Something bold. Something worth talking about. Join in (Sign up) for/on my live shoot to learn how to take off those training wheels and truly unlock some new technics to give your clients something they will love for a lifetime

Every family has a story. How parents met…how grandparents traveled miles and seas to start a family in a new world…how kids were tearfully longed for…how pets tore apart sofas and found a way into hearts…festive Sunday dinners…sibling rivalries…new beginnings…well-worn paths. No two families are the same and the stories that make them different are what make them wonderful.

As photographers, we have the humbling opportunity to tell the stories of the families in front of our cameras. We get to not only capture their faces in pictures, but we also get to capture the emotion and the interactions that make them a cohesive unit. Join me as we walk through how to identify a family’s story and how to effectively photograph what makes each and every family special…including your own. From initial client interactions to effective print displays and everything in between, we will redefine what it is to honor the family story and set out to create work that celebrates the beauty of families of every shape and size.

Allow yourself to capture the beautiful emotion of your clients heart. Let your lens tell the story their words can’t.

You are creative even if you don’t feel it! The problem is, we don’t always fully realize our creative potential. In this class, we’ll explore how to unleash the creativity that already exists within us and ultimately experience breakthrough in our businesses and day-to-day lives.


Want to know how to create stunning flatlay images that all your followers and potential clients will love? If you are looking to add more flatlay photos to your portfolio then this is the class for you! In this course, I will walk the attendees through the basics of flatlay photography with the chance to work hands on during a live demonstration. I will cover topics from lighting, camera settings, photography styles, and so many props!
In this talk Elena Will explain why staying true to yourself as an artist in family photography will allow you to avoid burn out as well as attract your dream clients. then she will explain how she stays organized an in control in family sessions with a family session flow. she will also give you actionable exercises to creating meaningful and connected family poses.
Learn simple tricks that make sales effortless, so you can work from a place of rest, not hustle
Using your past in the narrative of your copy is vital for a strong business foundation and how you shape your business future. You are a copywriter, whether you want to be or not. Blog posts and Instagram captions all have a unique voice, yours. This session will walk you through how to weave the most important parts of your story into the future of your business. We will align the story behind the brand with who you are trying to reach.
Come watch Stephanie’s revolutionary approach to the newborn session.  Stephanie will walk you through her systematic approach to posing a newborn, both on the beanbag and with props!


Are you tired of the “feast and famine” roller coaster most entrepreneurs experience? Planning your marketing strategy en masse is the key to a consistent brand presence and a consistent sales cycle. This session will walk you through the 10 core steps to an annual marketing strategy, setting you up to head into the back half of 2018 with a clear plan for consistency with your cash and clients. The strategy will connect all the pieces of your brand and is designed to ensure that all messaging and communication strategies are consistent and customer-centered. You’ll leave having identified your 2018-2019 business goals, crafted a cross-platform marketing strategy, and feeling prepared for seamless execution through your business.
Learn how to style magazine quality wedding detail shots and how to build a styling kit that works for any wedding day

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to Style for Fairytale Sessions
  • Selecting Props & Couture Gowns
  • Ways to make the session really “magical” & memorable for the children
  • Including Boys (not just girls!)
  • Finding light & using it to create magic
  • Using “mini sessions” to market
  • Selecting themes
This class is about taking risks in business and learning from failures. I’ll share relevant pieces of my story to illustrate how they can do this in their own businesses. This is a class about creating/seeing AND taking opportunities, not letting fear get in the way, and turning the botched plans into successes… plus, working with what you have available to you (which is something photographers struggle with a lot and often go into debt over)
Your brand isn’t simply your logo or website. it’s your work. it’s who YOU are. I’ll be sharing how to push past mediocre and how to make your brand truly you, genuine, and constantly self-fulfilling.
Join Jess for a newborn demonstration as she shows you the easy, natural, and organic poses and wraps that go into a more ‘natural and unposed’ newborn session. A newborn model will be used during this as well!


Raise your hand if you could use a little client styling pick me up!?! After realizing a majority of my clients don’t e-v-e-r take the time to read the “what to wear” section in my prep guides, I knew I had to find a different approach.  Through a lot of trial and error, I found a visual program that helps my clients shop and dress for sessions. The best part is I can be a part of their outfit choices that blends with my photography vision, all while allowing me to connect with my clients on a deeper level before the session even starts.  I can’t wait to share with you the steps I take to collaborate with my clients’ outfit choices.  Topics that will be covered include: pricing, client styling preparation, step by step set up of styling program, demos styling clients, and more.
We are both newborn and family photographers who have built successful, profitable business we love, while also being wives and moms (and wearing the many of hats that come with both of those job titles). We have come together based on our mutual belief that building a solid business is 100% possible for women and moms everywhere! We want to see more women succeed. And we believe the path to success is much easier to follow when you know a few simple, but powerful concepts. In this talk, we will share what those concepts are so that you can start building your path to success today!

Have you been dying to get your photography featured in a wedding magazine or blog? Do you not know where to start or how to actually get your work noticed? Have you been discouraged by getting denied in the past? With over 100 publications, Jasmine is here to explain the exact steps that you need to take to get your work noticed. Learn how to curate your wedding submission so it is exactly what editors are looking for, the do’s and don’ts of the submission process, why it can help elevate your photography business to the next level, and how to fit the submission process seamlessly into your workflow. Walk away from this presentation armed with the knowledge needed to get your next wedding published.

You will learn:

– Why you should be getting published.

– How to curate the perfect submission.

– The top 5 things most photographers are doing wrong.

– How to make the submission process an easy part of your workflow.

Like many of you, I picked up my first DSLR to photograph my children and somewhere along the way I stopped documenting my family’s journey. Taking photos of my own children became more of a job that photographing my clients. When I realized what was happening I had a heart to heart with myself, completely changed my approach, and fell back in love with documenting my life. I quit trying to make my life look like an advertisement for perfection and started getting real. Now, instead of sprouting grey hairs, I feel a sense of peace when I pack my camera on our family adventures or click my shutter around the house. Creating raw, lively, and organic family photos is easy once you open up to losing control and start seeing what really matters in your own life. Come along with me on a trip down your own memory lane and let’s start taking photos of our own families without losing our minds while shooting from the heart.
Off camera flash doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive but it can really elevate your work to the next level. 90% of my work is done with OCF and while some looks show off what we can do with OCF most mimic natural light with just a bit of added pop. I’ll teach you how to start with one light and enter any lighting situation and be able to create GREAT light quickly and easily.

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