Lexington Travel Tips


If you’re new to Lexington, you are in for a treat! We wanted to provide you with lots of information about the city and getting around before you arrive, since many of our attendees are not local Kentuckians!

If you’re flying in

We know a good percentage of our Reset Conference attendees fly in from around the country, so the Bluegrass Airport will be your destination into Kentucky.  There is a free airport shuttle from the airport to the Campbell House, or if you’re taking a cab or driving yourself, it’s just a quick 10-minute drive or ride. You can find the Campbell House’s turn by turn directions here.

If you’re needing a slightly larger airport, the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and Louisville International are both about 1.5 hours away.  And if you’re driving from any of the airports with a rental car, it’s helpful to know that parking is FREE at the Campbell House!

getting around Lexington for the Reset Conference
Photo credit: Jeff Rogers, VisitLEX.com

Navigating Around Lexington

As far as getting around within Lexington goes, Uber, Lyft and various taxi services are available as well as Lextran public transportation. Editor’s note: I (Holly) have personally taken an Uber in Lexington and it was super easy, quick, and affordable!

If you’re driving yourself to sight-see or attend one our many off-site shootouts, you’ll want to know how the city of Lexington is arranged.  It is set up like a wheel with the freeway making a large circle around the city hub. The Campbell House is on one of the spokes, just west of the very center of the circle.

Get Your Cardio In By Biking

Lexington recently added a new dockless bike-share program called Spin. Bike rentals will start as low as $1 for 30 minutes and would be a great way to get around, sight-see and get some exercise all at the same time! Plus you can travel while staying socially distanced!

However you choose to arrive and get around Lexington, we hope so look forward to seeing you in less than 2 weeks!  We can’t wait!!

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