One Photo Challenge | Danielle Morales – Injoy Photography


 Danielle Morales Injoy PhotographyDanielle Morales is our featured photographer for today’s One Photo Challenge.  She runs Injoy Photography based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and specializes in family and children’s photography.  Danielle has shared two photos with us today and we are IN LOVE!  This first one is GENIUS for families that are starting to get restless or when you just need some emotion and action out of the kiddos!
games to play during family photo sessionsFirst image: This is a game I often play during family sessions, especially when the kids start to get extra restless and whiny. I have the parents take 2 corners each of my quilt and on the count of 3, they hoist it toward the sky and the kids run underneath before it comes back down. Kids always love it!! This is my absolute favorite shot to come from this game!
Injoy Photography for children in Indiana
Second image: Mom came to this session with her little girls absolutely dressed like angels with their pretty dresses and flower crowns that she made herself! The sun was perfect that night, and though this little one was very shy and serious, I captured her just how she was and I think it’s perfect!!
You can find Danielle’s work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.