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Joyful Exposures photographer Jenni

The Engel family

Sooo… originally we asked people to submit TWO images for the One Photo Challenge and then we would decide on one to post on the blog.  But straight out of the gate, we realized that is going to be more difficult that we imagined!  Jenni Rainey-Engel runs her business Joyful Exposures and sent us two amazing images, so we’re posting both anyway!

Jenni has recently worked to rebrand her photography business, focusing more on her passion, which is family & adoption stories.  “I believe that the journey to growing your family through adoption has unique milestones like the match, the wait, the meeting and adoption day [that] I personally understand as an adoptive momma. I believe that love makes a family and am dedicated to capturing natural, heartfelt and joyful images. It is such an honor to journey with families as they grow to expand.

Jenni has been married for 11 years & their daughter Emerson will be turning 11 months in a few weeks. She joined their family in January through the gift of adoption.

family storyteller photography
My first image is of a couple that is waiting to bring their little boy home from the other side of the world. He will be joining his forever family in 2018. You can see Micah’s name with the sign of Indiana that says home. Mom & dad are blurred in the background. This image speaks to my heart because of all the behind the scenes work that takes place for an adoptive momma & daddy. They may not be holding their son in their arms but they are holding him in their hearts and are preparing his room and their home for his joining. It’s an honor to journey with my #joyfulfams and to document their journeys. [We love that hashtag, Jenni!!]
photography for families going through adoption process
The second image is of a little boy playing in the creek with his momma. Black & white images always speak to me. This image pulls at my heartstrings because it captures an everyday moment between the two. A curious toddler with a momma not too far behind. It’s important to me to capture moments that parents will one day miss. This is one of those moments.
You can find Jenni’s work on her website, Facebook & Instagram.

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