One Photo Challenge | Kelli White – Kelli White Photography


One Photo Challenge photographerKelli White is the subject of our “One Photo Challenge” today, and she submitted 2 great images that we once again couldn’t decide on!  She is a family and wedding photographer, and sent us a sample of each, both with great stories to tell.  A photo is worth a thousand words, right?! 🙂  Thanks for these photos and the stories behind them, Kelli!
Family photographer Kelli White golden hourI had a little one who didn’t want anything to do with me and my camera, which of course led to some stress for her mom and dad. However, I asked them to just let her do her own thing and promised them we would be able to make it work. As fortune would have it, she decided to sit in the most gorgeous evening light! I love her grass-stained tights and messy hair as it shows the reality of the moment. I think it really captures her little personality.
interactive groomsmen candid photographsSo often during wedding portraits we quickly lose the attention of the groomsmen. Stiff, unnatural smiles can be hard to avoid. I love this image because it was right after one of the guys had cracked a joke and the reaction is just pure happiness! These are my favorite images from every wedding, the real true joy that surrounds the day!
You can find Kelli’s work on her website, Instagram, & Facebook.