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Today we’re featuring Teresa Klokkenga photography who has a lovely relaxed family photo session to share with us.  Teresa’s session is a good mix of lifestyle and formal posed portraits, with individuals of each boy, and interactive photos of the family reading and laughing together.  Also be sure to catch the photo fusion video at the bottom!!  Read on for more from Teresa:
This year I have been experimenting with a new component to my business called Family Fusion, which incorporates video and photography to a family portrait session. And with Derrick and Jennifer Johnston celebrating their 10th Wedding Anniversary, I knew we’d be able to create something really amazing!! They started their love story at a local church and still attend there today. In fact, this session was a gift from a church member to capture a 2 part session of the beautiful love they share with each other and their family as a whole!
The Johnstons love being together and outdoors…making the Watershed Nature Center the perfect backdrop for a relaxed evening reading some favorite children’s books. Their family favorite, “The Book With No Pictures,” left them talking like a Robot Monkey and saying phrases like “boo boo butt”… which in turn lead to belly laughter and natural expressions.
After we wrapped up the family portion in the tall grass, we headed over to the other side of the Watershed Nature Center to the boardwalk along the marsh for the couples 10th Anniversary images. I don’t think I can remember a time where Derrick and Jenny weren’t laughing and smiling…well except that time when they bumped hips and Jenny about went into the marsh. It did make for a really great moment and ending to a wonderful calm evening!
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Teresa Klokkenga Photography photo fusion video from Holly Smith on Vimeo.

You can find Teresa’s work on her website, her Facebook page, and her Instagram.