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The best Resets happen at the beach.

Join us March 3-5 in Panama City Beach, Florida for the annual Reset Conference for photographers!

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Jeremiah Cox of ParkLife Films is one of our favorite local videographers! His storytelling abilities are like something out of a fairytale and almost makes us wish we were videographers instead of photographers because the words and emotion captured in his films are so incredibly special. Check out his break out classes at Reset 2016! … and make sure to take a look at his videos here!

Jeremiah cox

Who inspires you? Casey Neistat, Stephen Colbert, Yadier Molina ūüėČ
Guilty Pleasure? My Guilty Pleasure playlist on Spotify that will never be seen by anyone else. Ever.
Most embarrassing moment? Falling asleep off-stage during Sunday worship. Both arms fell asleep, and then trying to play guitar.

Favorite quote?¬†“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.”
Favorite junk food? Chips and dip. Any kind of chip. Any kind of dip.
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? London, and watch English soccer teams.
If you could have any super power, which would you choose? Flight. Duh.

Any areas in your life that could use a “Reset?”
Favorite photograph you’ve taken?¬†I’ll swap “photograph” for “video”. Maybe our two-year follow-up from a couple who’s wedding we filmed. At the end they announced they were expecting.
What moves you? Watching filmmakers who are better than me (which is a ton)
Have there been moments where you are photographing and you realize that this is bigger than yourself? Sure have!
What words of advice would you give to someone just starting out? Keep creating even when you don’t feel inspired to. Art is work. You’ll get better.
What’s your typical day usually look like? Emails, edit, edit, eat, edit, edit, eat, spend time with the family, edit, Netflix and chill.
What three words best describe your photography style? Genuine, upbeat, elegant
Best secret for working smarter not harder? Final Cut Pro plugins.
Wish you had more of…? Wish you had less of….? Inspiration. Taxes.
Any successes or failures in business that have shaped the way you run your business now? Just started small, and kept building and building. Also adjust with the times.
Do you feel like attending workshops/conferences are valuable? Of course! Must keep learning.
Favorite Software (presets, actions, templates, etc?) FCPX, Lightroom, After Effects
Favorite Photo Find (Lab, forum, camera bag, etc.) Domke bags, Movi m5
Summary of what you hope to share with attendees of the reset conference. I hope that when people come to our breakouts, they’ll leave with very practical steps to help them with their video editing and give people the confidence to start creating videos for content for their businesses or even personal use.

Favorite films:


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Sometimes you just need to escape to the beach.

White sand. Emerald waters. Lounging by the pool with poolside service. Palm trees and ocean waves. Oh...and incredible education, too!

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Let's take that trip to the beach.

Register today for a few unforgettable days spent at the beach in Florida! We can't wait to see you in PCB!

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hurry! Limited spots available

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