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The best Resets happen at the beach.

Join us March 3-5 in Panama City Beach, Florida for the annual Reset Conference for photographers!

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We are so excited to have Boxdrops by SJP as a part of The Reset Conference!  I’m so looking forward to seeing these in person!

I asked Sarah Jane about how boxdrops came to fruition & she shared the story with me.  Love this girl & her heart for the photography industry!

So the story of how boxdrops started….

Elizabeth VanHoutan is really the talent and inspiration behind BoxDrops by SJP. We happened upon each other a few years ago (both living in Decatur, IL now and both from Jefferson City, MO originally) and loving her style and art I knew I wanted to work with her to create custom backdrops for my clients, specifically some really unique designs for events like high school dances, etc.

She’s painted at least a dozen full-size custom drops for me over the past couple years and each one is gorgeous! Somewhere along the way she brought in her portfolio for me to photograph so non only did I have the full size designs but I had her full portfolio in digital form. I knew we needed to get these designs out into the world and figure out a way to share them with other photographers so I put together a digital overlay set (as I was already using and enjoying her art as overlays in my own work). The overlays are great (I still use them in my work daily) but I really wanted something more, something life-sized so backdrops was the obvious next step though it wasn’t a quick or easy one.

Elizabeth and I have been talking about and I’ve been researching how to take her art to the next level for what seems like forever and finally we’re here and really brining her visions to live in stunning computer-printed high quality fabric drops! (YAY!!!!!!)

Not long after I realized this dream was becoming a reality I reached out to a few other talented photographers to expand our line into new arenas. I’m happy to say we have some really unique things in the works including both a scenic and grunge line both from award-winning photographers right here in the central US.

Though we’ve been toying with the idea of the backdrop line for ages it all seems to have exploded overnight. We had an unofficial soft opening recently at the FotoChaos event in St. Louis and I’m SO excited to be officially launching right here in Central Illinois at the Reset Conference, after which we’ll be making a big splash sponsoring all the drops at ShutterFest hosted by Sal Cincotta in St. Louis later that same month!!

I’m astounded and honored by the outpooring of support I’ve received from the photography community. I’m excited to bring other photographers like me fun, interesting and truly unique looks to help them create their art.

You can check out the desgins at and

Oh and now until April 6th box drops is offering 25% off presales (placed simply by calling or emailing Sarah Jane) and also will be giving each purchaser a code to earn $20 toward their next purchase for every referral order they send before the launch date.


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