Spotlight on Design Aglow


When it comes to design, I have quite the love affair with Design Aglow.   Their designs offer something that is clean, modern & truly stands the test of time.  It really fits my brand well & their products give my photographs a polished touch.

I tried to sit and think about which Design Aglow product is my favorite.  That.was.hard.  Because I love them all.  I truly do.

I debated between the Baby’s First Year plan, the Essential Wedding Info Form, the Ultimate Album Builder or the Fleur Album.

But…there is one product that makes a BIG impression on my clients when they walk in my studio door.

Introducing Mr. Big–the Ultimate Studio Product.  (Which I just saw is on sale!!)


Generally when a bride walks into my studio, she has a pretty clear understanding of my style & my vision for what I do.  However, her fiance or parents haven’t spent the same amount of time pouring over wedding photographer’s websites & don’t really know what to expect.  This giant canvas in my studio gives them a very quick peek into my style & approach to a wedding day.  I can’t even begin to describe the amount of time that couples have spent pointing out their favorite photos, or showing me some of their friends which are featured on the canvas itself.  It is such a showpiece for my studio & allows me to show off many of my favorite photos all at once.

I’m in love with it.  BIG time. 🙂

Design Aglow…you continually impress me with everything you create.  My business and brand are indebted to you.
~Kellie Penn, Across the Miles Photography