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(When Kellie and I found out about The Big Project, we didn’t hesitate to ask them to be present at the first Reset Conference. This is a philanthropic endeavor that all professional photographers should be aware of. Karin and Roger are doing amazing things in the world with their skills. In fact they are in Nicaragua sharing those skills with the underprivileged right now. We are excited to hear about this trip and others on March 15th! Please visit their booth if you don’t get a chance to attend their break away session!) Thank you Roger and Karin for your giant hearts!

In 2013, professional photographers Roger and Karin Doolin were given the opportunity to join a group of photographers on a humanitarian photo project in Nicaragua.  During that trip they captured individuals living in some of the most deplorable conditions imaginable.  Despite language barriers and coming from completely different worlds, they became intertwined with their subjects and found that beyond the obstacles they face and atrocious conditions they endure, there was a remarkably uplifting spirit within the people.  There was such a fascinating story of hope to be told, and although Roger and Karin knew they could tell the peoples‘ story through their photographs, they also felt that a more intriguing perspective would be to allow the subjects to reveal their own story.  To actually give them the camera and in turn give them a voice.  What would they share?  What would they find interesting enough to capture?  Who knows their joys as well as their struggles better than the people themselves? Technology has made it fast and easy to share your life through the medium of photography instantly.
 Meanwhile there are entire communities all throughout the world who don’t even have access to fundamental needs, let alone a way of capturing their lives or sharing their perspective with others.  Although their world looks completely different than ours,  their reality is no less important or unique, and still matters on a global level.  The Big Picture Project was created to give these individuals their first opportunity to have their voices heard by means of photography.  To put a camera in their hands and open up creativity that has never had an opportunity to cultivate.  For the first time, allow them to tell their own story.  Sharing that these people are unique and worthy human beings.  By eliminating the proximity that stands between you and impoverished villages in third world countries through photography, you are taken into the homes and daily lives of the poorest of the poor.  Allowing you to see them with fresh eyes.  The Big Picture Project’s goal is to transform your pity for their conditions, into respect.  Photography becomes the vehicle to learn from their challenges and triumphs, and perhaps even recognize yourself in their dreams, hopes, joys, and unrelenting spirit.
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Extreme poverty for the people in these villages is not caused by laziness, but instead is a circumstance of latitude and longitude.  The poor of the world are decent, hardworking people who have been oppressed by corrupt governments that place insurmountable hurdles at every turn, and have been born into an area that is fragile and forgotten.  We can’t change their byproducts of where these individuals were born, but with your help we can do something about the injustice they face and ease their burdens with providing them with simple lifeline needs.


The Big Picture Project is headed on another journey beginning on Valentine’s Day weekend, 2015 to the home of the Western Hemisphere’s poorest of the poor. They are headed to – La Chureca :The Dump.  The city dump in Ciudad Sandino Nicaragua is where people’s waste, garbage, filth get taken every day. But it’s also where hundreds of individuals call home.  A few hundred people live in this dump in shanties made of salvaged cardboard and plastic .  Some live in the trash amongst the waste and sewage. Each day individuals of all ages – including children – go to the dump to salvage plastic bottles and recyclables in the hopes to obtain money, but most often they are left to obtain meals from the discarded waste – sometimes not eating at all. They will be partnering with a women’s ministry currently assisting in the dump to raise money for a feeding station to be able to feed the countless number of children and adults that currently are starving. The project will have 4 individuals who call the dump home participate in Project 2: The FOCUS ON LOVE project – giving them cameras to use for the first time and assist them in capturing their lives and sharing their story. Do not be deceived by the hardships they face – these people are filled with a multitude of hope and kindness! And they will have a magnificent story to tell that will give the gift of perspective to us back home. For the individuals who have seen harder times and are less optimistic, hope begins with a meal. With your help, we will help provide that. You’ll be giving them the gift of nourishment to their bodies, but they will give you nourishment to your soul, as you see first hand how who we are transcends our circumstances. Who we are is in our spirit not only to survive, but to live.


There are many ways you can get involved with The Big Picture Project!!  To lend a hand, consider doing any of these options that you feel compelled to help with!

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