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So you love photographing newborns, but you’re wanting to try photographing them in a new way? What better way to photograph the gift of life than outside in a beautiful natural environment. Here are a few tips to make sure your outdoor newborn session is successful!

You don’t need a fancy garden to photograph newborns! 90 percent of my newborn sessions are photographed next to my studio a lot a line of bushes. There are no flowers, no fancy bushes, nothing! If I want flowers I bring them! My local florist has gotten to know me really well!

What about the sun or worst…rain!?Shaded areas will be your best friend. I know that this can be difficult if you have a set location in mind. The best thing about going outdoors is being able to utilize all of the elements around you! Find a shaded area under a tree! If you have a few sun spots shining through, I use my gray card to cover those spots! Most of the time when it comes to the rain, you’ll need to reschedule…or you can do what I did (not that I recommend it) and find a covered area and pray. Greenhouses are a beautiful location if you have access to one!

What about styling your session?Style as you typically would! No one can tell you how you should define your style. For me, I love greenery, bold colors & layers. Utilize nature, even weeds photograph beautifully. Place a bowl in an ivy vine, or prop up your bucket on a stool, or even pose baby on a chair! There is no right or wrong way and the possibilities are endless.

How do you get enough of variety in posing? You can do basically every pose that you could do on a beanbag, in a prop. I run through my typical workflow that I would do inside – outside. 

Froggy – Use a chair or a bed. 
Bum up – On a bed/cradle
Huck finn – In a bowl
Chin on hands – Bucket, bed, bowl. 
Side lay – bed, curved bench. 
Potato – This one will allow for multiple set ups!
Potato in bucket, switch top wrap, place baby in a bucket, crate, basket, etc – Perfect for fussy babes!
Remember – Angles, Angles, Angles. This will stretch your gallery & will show off every angle of those sweet babies. 

Nicole DeHoff has a busy household — she’s been married for 7 years, and they have 4 boys, all under the age of 5. She has a strong love for tacos and Dr. Pepper, and lives a pretty carefree, no judgement life. She has been specializing in maternity & newborn photography for 6 years.

Attend Nicole’s breakout session in March. Check out Nicole’s work on Facebook & Instagram!

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