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When I first started photography, it wasn’t as popular as it is now. I couldn’t look to others for inspiration unless I sought it out and found it in print. I was just “winging” it and hoping to figure it out. I read “Photography for Dummies” and “Photoshop for Dummies”… seriously. Facebook was just starting […]

Keep it Simple and Keep Your Sanity (and money!)

Maybe you got into newborn photography after having your own baby (who hasn’t become obsessed with their own baby and taken hundreds of photos of them each day?! Please don’t tell me I’m alone here). Or maybe you just left your corporate job to follow your heart and open your dream newborn photography studio. It could be you’ve been a newborn […]

4 Newborn Photography Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

So you love photographing newborns, but you’re wanting to try photographing them in a new way? What better way to photograph the gift of life than outside in a beautiful natural environment. Here are a few tips to make sure your outdoor newborn session is successful! You don’t need a fancy garden to photograph newborns! 90 […]

Successfully Photographing Newborns Outdoors

Amanda Graves, based in Louisville, KY, wants to help her clients remember the flakes of skin on their baby’s toes, their perfect lips, and how they fit in their hands. But she also gets giddy when the kiddos get big. She gets to help families remember everything about their kids — those crooked smiles, scrunchy […]

The Pros of Lifestyle Newborn Photography in a Studio Setting

Today’s guest post is by Reset attendee Julie Paszczykowski of JP Photography based in Toledo, Ohio. Julie specializes in weddings, engagements, lifestyle families, and birth photography! We’re focusing on the birth stories today and why Julie finds them so important to tell. The very first image I ever took at a birth was that of […]

The Importance of Birth Photography

Tara Ruby is a whiz when it comes to fine art portraiture for newborns, and she has been putting her creative mind into overdrive lately! Read on as she inspires us to take a closer look at newborn composites with Halloween (or any holiday!) themes. If you’re a lover of Halloween and everything that goes […]

Creating Halloween-inspired newborn fine art

Another newcomer to Reset 2019 is Tara Ruby, a Georgia-based family, newborn, and maternity photographer. She is deeply embedded into military life, as a military veteran herself, and also a military spouse and soon-to-be a military mom. She loves to capture portraits with a focus on motherhood as well as our US military. She is […]


Wonder Woman newborn photography

Jenni Jones comes to the Reset Conference from Austin, Texas as a newborn and maternity photographer.  Jenni has some beautiful images to share with us, and this particular session is extra special.  Let’s hear from Jenni… SHE MADE ME AN AUNT Y’all. This is Gentry Blue (omg that name, tho!) and she gets all the […]

She Made Me an Aunt | Jenni Jones

Austin TX photographer Jenni Jones