She Made Me an Aunt | Jenni Jones


Austin TX newborn photographerJenni Jones comes to the Reset Conference from Austin, Texas as a newborn and maternity photographer.  Jenni has some beautiful images to share with us, and this particular session is extra special.  Let’s hear from Jenni…


Y’all. This is Gentry Blue (omg that name, tho!) and she gets all the heart eyes. This little lady made me an aunt. I just can’t with her…I’m obsessed. We are all obsessed with her. And I am certain I can objectively say she is the most beautiful baby ever in all of history. (see…totally objective). Take a gander at this little beauty and tell me I’m wrong.

This session was so very special for me because it features my brother, my sister-in-law, and my beautiful niece… the little girl who made me an aunt. Shooting for family feels different than shooting for clients, that’s something I didn’t expect. With clients, I want to produce good work because I take pride in my craft and because, if I’m being honest, they are paying me to produce good work. With this session, though, it felt deeper. I wanted to document this well for them… maybe because they are such beautiful people inside and out and I wanted to do them justice, or maybe because I care so deeply for this little girl who made me an aunt, or maybe both.

I don’t have children, so this is the first time in my life I’ve felt this pull… this need to document who they are, who *she* is, her many faces, and the little things her parents stare at for hours and know are unique to her. You hear so often about people who started their photography journey when they had children, I think maybe this is a bit like how they felt. I think I might get it now.

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