Your Reset packing list


Notebook or laptop for taking notes 🗒

Camera, lenses, flash, OCF, memory cards, batteries (if participating in any shootouts) 📷

Phone + charger (or a portable charger if you have one!) 📱

Gala outfit and accessories (don’t forget those 80s paraphenalia!!)

Money/debit/credit cards for shopping at the Vendor Expo 💵

Apps for your phone that may be helpful: Uber, Lyft, Sched, Google Maps

What to wear? 👗 👖 👚

This is totally up to you! Some people opt for more comfy, casual clothes. You will be sitting for quite a bit of the day & may as well be comfy  Others want this as an excuse to go shopping for cute, new clothes! That’s totally fine, too!  Wear what makes you happy & don’t overthink it or stress about it! Yoga pants? Go for it! Jeans, totally fine!  Uggs, great! Stiletto’s…more power to ya! ðŸ˜‰