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Located on the Tennesee-Georgia border, Chattanooga is accessed by interstates I-75, I-24, & I-59. The airport is about 10 miles from downtown and has many 1-stop destinations or connecting flights. The downtown of Chattanooga is very walkable, but there is also a free electric shuttle that services all of downtown. The city has one of […]

You’re the only Ten I See

Nestled in the heart of southeastern Tennessee, Chattanooga is a city that is often overlooked but deserves more attention. With its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant cultural scene, Chattanooga has something for everyone. Here’s why you should add this gem to your travel bucket list. History and Culture: Chattanooga has a rich and […]

Chattanooga: A Gem in Tennessee

The 2023 Reset Conference will take place at the Westin Chattanooga in Tennessee. This conference for photographers and creatives is excited to Paint the Town in the Volunteer State for two intensive days of learning, followed by a day of shootouts and mentorships. From the hotel: “Recharge in the middle of bustling downtown at The […]

Reset: Meet the Westin Chattanooga

If planning months in advance isn’t the way you’ve approached the fall busy season in the past, I understand that this may be a learning curve. It will also take a significant investment of time ahead of that season. Before I walk you through my top 3 tips for planning for busy season, let me […]

Tips for Planning for Busy Season

Ahhh yes!! Your new computer has arrived! Purchasing a new computer can be an exciting, expensive, and slightly stressful experience. Don’t worry though, you can set yourself up for success in a few easy steps. Let’s talk about how to set up a new computer! *note: over 95% of my readers are using Apple products, […]

How to Set up a New Computer

Today we are talking about niching! What it is, if you should do it, how to know when to do it, and everything in between. I believe that you can make your business be whatever you want it to be and don’t have to follow any rules, but I also have seen within my own […]

When is it time to niche?

THREE REASONS TO USE QUARTERLY PLANNING IN YOUR CREATIVE SMALL BUSINESS 1. Your income fluctuates by season If you’re a creative entrepreneur that works in the wedding industry, chances are your income is seasonal. That means that what you’re pulling in in the spring is going to look different than in the fall! Our income […]

Quarterly Planning Basics As a Creative Small Business Owner

In these last few days leading up to the Reset Conference, we encourage you to refresh your memory with this year’s class titles. There are SO many great speakers and topics this year that it is going to be so hard to chose!! You can also revisit your schedule in Sched and make adjustments. At […]

2022 Reset breakout speakers

We’re ready to hit the road to Lexington, and hope that you’ll join us in Kentucky for 2 days of jam-packed photography and creative education (plus a 3rd day of optional add-on styled shoots and mentorships). We at the Reset Conference have a heart for capturing life and living it first. Here are a few […]

Give yourself a Reset in the Bluegrass State

We love our Reset vendor expo & know you will too! We bring you some of the best of the best in our industry from equipment to software to props to photographer goodies & lots more! There are breaks built into the conference schedule to give you ample time to shop to your heart’s desire […]

2022 Reset Vendor Expo